The sun has got his hat so the Solar’s out to play – Review

Finally, It’s taken until June however we have cracked out the shorts, T-shirts, dresses and flip-flops and are making the most of it while we can – you never know how long it will last after all.

However with that brings a new problem in itself – how do I dress the buggy? 

Yes, that is a valid question!

In winter it is dressed with a fleece liner and footmuff or a liner and our BundleBean.  However in summer what do I do?

I have a summer liner but what happens in the early evenings when it gets cooler or when Harry is in his shorts in the buggy and it gets too hot?

I’ve discovered the answer and it is the BundleBean Solar.

You may have heard about the winter version of the BundleBean, if not you can read my review here.
The Solar has been created to work in exactly the same way only for the summer.

It is made of a breathable moisture-wicking woven fabric which provides UPF50+ sun protection to keep the children safe from the suns harmful rays and to help avoid sunburn and too much sun exposure.

It is white in colour which helps to reflect the sun away so when in use Harry doesn’t get too hot in the buggy.


BundleBean Solar, Summer covers, reviews

The Solar can be fitted to:

  • Buggies
  • Car seats
  • Bike seats
  • Baby Carriers

Unlike the original BundleBean, the Solar comes with 2 layers an outside layer (as seen in the pictures above) with attaches in the same way as the original – Velcro straps around the tops stretch behind the buggy/car seat or carrier to do up and at the bottom there is a popper to hold it in place.

The inner layer is a hooded fleecy layer which can be attached to the top layer for use in the evenings, on chillier days – this attaches with poppers to keep it in place.

This fleecy layer can also be doubled up and used as a hooded beach towel or a blanket to sit on when out and about.  This would have been really useful for our last holiday when we made an impromptu trip to the beach and Emmy decided to go for a paddle in the sea – of course we had no towel with us.

The Solar is so lightweight and folds/rolls up small enough to either keep in a changing bag or in the basket of the buggy.

Priced at £34.99 you can find these over on the BundleBean website – or you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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