The top 5 best family cars to lease

As your family grows, you may find it difficult to find a car that suits all your day to day needs. But which are best family cars out there? I have teamed up with Go Green Leasing to put together a list of five of our favourite family cars you can lease.

Nissan Qashqai

The Qashqai’s design is focused on being driver-and-passenger-friendly: a big boot, simple shape and easy controls mean that it’s an excellent car for parents, especially ones that need to keep track of their kids during a long journey. It’s been engineered to act exactly how you’d expect a family car to act, getting from A to B with no bumps, scrapes or jerky stops, even when driving through woodland roads.

Easy to learn and hard to mishandle, the Qashqai is a great choice for those who want a pure family car.

Mercedes E-Class Estate

With plenty of room and a massive boot space, the E-Class Estate can carry a whole family and a huge amount of supplies, making it an ideal choice for families that like to take breaks or go shopping together. A surprisingly fast engine and comfortable ride mean that it’s not going to be bogged down too much when it’s full, so there’s no need to stress about what you’re taking with you.

Transporting heavy weights and large loads of supplies make the E-Class Estate a solid choice for more mobile families.

VW Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is comfortable for both the passengers and the driver and has a decent amount of carrying space, but its real strength is in its balance – it doesn’t really fall short in any main area, meaning that it can be used for nearly anything you’ll face in family life. Not too slow, not too slippery and definitely not too small, the Golf can be an excellent family car for those who do a little bit of everything.

Nissan Leaf

Electric cars aren’t always the best first choice, but the Leaf breaks that trend by bringing a big boot and plenty of safety equipment. If you can overlook the differences it has from a normal car, the Leaf is not only an excellent example of an electric family car done right but an excellent family car in general, especially with all the built-in child-friendly safety features that a normal car might not even have as optional extras.

Volvo XC90

Reasonably priced and wealth of equipment make the XC90 a great car in general, but it’s the biggest strength is it’s seven-seat layout: larger families, kids with friends or even a smaller family who just loves to go shopping will appreciate the huge space increase. The many extra dashboard tools and features can give parents much more information than most other cars, letting them keep track of everything on the fly.


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