The truth of it is that no-one cares!

Why do we do it?

Why do we care?

Whenever there is an event,
a social,
a gathering,
somewhere new to go,
down the pub,
round the shops………….

Why do we start the “what do I wear?”

The truth of it is that no-one cares!

BritMums neared and all I heard was “What do I wear?”

“Are you dressing up?”

“Will Jeans be OK?”

“Do I need to wear a dress?”

Do you know what?

The truth of it is that no-one cares!

Friday came in a blur and a haze.

New people were met.

New friendships made.

But can anyone remember what you wore?

Does it matter?

Did it make a difference?



Because the truth of it is that no-one cares!

We were all in the same place, at the same time, to get the same thing from the event

To meet
To greet
To mingle
To learn
To eat
To drink
To have fun!

So why do we put so much pressure upon ourselves?

Why do we care so much about what others think of our clothing?

It doesn’t change us as a person

In fact, I don’t think I could tell you who wore what at all

Because at the end of the day

The truth of it is that no-one cares!

Saturday came and went the same way

A busy, blurry haze

I had fun

I enjoyed

I wore clothes I would wear every day

I was comfortable

I’ll be honest – we may have spent all day together

We may have chatted for hours

But I honestly couldn’t say what any of you wore

I liked you for you.

Let’s stop this pressure we put upon ourselves to look good for others

The truth of it is that no-one cares!

We are all beautiful in our own way and need to start being proud of that and stop worrying what others think of our appearance.

If your happy then that’s enough

No-one will stop talking to you over what you wear
and if they do…. well SOD them!!

27 thoughts on “The truth of it is that no-one cares!

  1. Love this post, although I'm not going to share it with any of the brands I'm hoping to work with on a clothing sponsorship, you know just in case I jinx it! xx

  2. I will just choose something to wear the day before, I never really stress about this a lot as you say I'm more there to see people or to learn

  3. Well said Clare, I think it is all about a personal need to fit in, I think that you don't remember what we wore means everyone got it right and felt comfortable and "fitted in". Personally all I remember is your hair band which is the one thing different to you and I like that! Great to see you again.

  4. well said, I find the same when the girls from work go out, must get the hair done, nails painted, new jacket etc etc……I just dont bother going cos I cant be bothered with the bitching to be truthful….cos I dont care who has had what done

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