The Wonderful Adventures Of Perry Penguin #PerryOnTour

Once upon a time there lived a little gingerbread penguin.  He lived on a shelf in a wonderous land called Costa with his extremely large family.
Perry however had a dream, this dream was to travel, to see the sites, to visit far and wide and to discover new places.  Now this could not be done sitting on a shelf!  He hatched a plan while the others were sleeping and the next morning he plotted his escape.
When the friendly postie arrived to deliver the mail and to grab a latte he jumped into her bag and and buried himself down amongst the bills and cards.  He found a nice sized box and slid inside.
It was dark in the box and he soon fell asleep. When he awoke he was in a very strange place indeed, and his adventures began!
He found himself inside a bag filled with pens, papers and documents, he felt himself moving.
Feeling brave he peeked out to discover he was on a train packed full of chattering people.  This felt strange. He was scared yet very excited to see what the day had in store.
Little did he know he would be so busy and see so many fascinating sights.


Tower Bridge was his first stop.  London was SO busy and he was a little scared however he was looking for adventure and he was sure he would be looked after and after all he had made his first friend.  A man called “Daddy” who promised to be kind and show him around.
He had heard that the Queen kept all her jewellery and pyjamas in the Tower of London so off he went to visit.  He liked this big place but wasn’t very sure about the Ravens who lived there, they looked rather hungry to him.
He then wanted to visit Saint Katherines Dock where he did fancy a swim until Red Rose Mummy scared him with a tale of a Gingerbread man and a film called Shrek.   He didn’t like that one bit so went to hide and have some lunch back home with some good friends.
He grew tired so went for a nap on Daddy’s desk in a magical place called ‘work’.  When he woke up he managed to talk ‘Daddy’ into leaving this place called work early (naughty Perry) and heading home ready for another fun day and more adventures.
Saturday and it was decided Perry needed fresh air and exercise.  He accompanied Emmy to swimming and may have gotten just as wet as she did – luckily for him he packed his special Costa rain coat and he was even caught snuggling up to Minnie to keep warm.
As a treat he was taken to a strange place called Kidz Corner – this was a crazy land he had never seen before, filled with bright colours and lots of small people.  He was shy for a while however fluffed up his feathers and prepared for more wild adventures.  He loved it and had a penguin sized tantrum when told he had 10 minutes before heading back home with Emmy and Harry.
WOW – did he move fast, packing as much as he could into those 10 minutes – extremely sliding in the dark tunnel on his front and back, even trying head first, bouncing on the balls, hiding in the ball pond and finally falling asleep in the baby area.
He wasn’t seen again until Sunday – but boy can he snore!
Perry decided that on Sunday he would fit as much into one day as he possibly could.  His first port of call was the fun fair where we spent all of his pocket money on the boat ride, until he was rather dizzy so went for a lay down on a comfy bed…..or so he thought.  He was rudely awoken by counting…
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!!
Well that was a hair raising experience where he not only found himself far far away yet again but he found himself in Jurassic Park, a place he did NOT like one bit!

Perry decided to take a little time out from his adventures to ‘chill out’ in the freezer and to have a snack. 
(* Perry was not harmed during his weekend stay)
Perry at this time may have upset Emmy a little as she wasn’t too keen on sharing her juice box and muffin – Emmy and Harry aren’t keen on sharing.  Perry did apologise and gave them some sticker books and told them a story and they were happy again.
Now Perry was rested and he was clear headed again he made a HUGE decision.  He waved goodbye to Emmy and Harry and thanked them for a fantastic weekend; pack his bags and…….
Ran away to join the circus!
(*this maybe a little white lie)
Disclaimer:  We were sent 10 Perry Penguins from Costa to join in some fun and adventures over the course of our weekend.

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