There are still kind strangers around!

Yesterday we drove to the O2 to surprise the children, we had review tickets to see ITNG Live (Review to follow).
Harry loves Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy and we couldn’t wait to see his face when we arrived.  Emmy has already seen this twice before however we knew she would also still enjoy it.
We had an amazing day, that is however another post!
On the way home, disaster struck.
The car started to make a horrible noise on the motorway.
Obviously turning up the music didn’t help (this is a standing joke between Paul and I as I used to turn up the radio when I was younger if the car made funny noises and pretend it wasn’t happening, I would also place my sunglasses on the dashboard to hide warning lights).

Paul took us off the motorway and we continued slowly en-route home, then the noise got worse.

Suddenly noise turned into plumes of smoke and the car stopped.

Of course it’s never easy is it?

We were on a country lane just before a roundabout.

Kids in the car, lots of traffic behind us.

Not the end of the world I guess and normally it could have been easy to deal with quickly only at that moment in time we had blue lights and sirens coming up behind us, we couldn’t move as the car wouldn’t start, the car behind us had stopped and the one coming towards us on the other side of the road decided to panic and just stop next to our car – of course that meant no-one was going anywhere as we couldn’t move – smoke pouring from the engine Paul was then made to push the car over to the side as much as he could so the ambulance could pass.

Honestly there are some idiot drivers around!

Next our priority was getting the kids out of the car away from the smoke incase the car was on fire.

Luckily I had the buggy in the boot so could put Harry in there away from passing cars, up on the pavement.  Emmy I made sit on a blanket on the grass away from the pavement and well clear of the road and away from the car.

It’s funny just how many cars drive past you.

How many look at you, and how many teenagers in cars point and laugh.

Yes it’s very funny I’ve two small children at the side of a busy road while our car blocks traffic with smoke pouring from the bonnet! NOT!!

Then faith was restored.

A very kind man on a motorbike stopped to help Paul push the car out of the way.  OK, it wasn’t possible to get out of the way but at least other cars could pass.  (I couldn’t help as it would have meant leaving the children at the side of the road – that was NEVER going to happen).

A few cars stopped to ask me if they could do anything or call anyone – these drivers were ladies, worried to see the kids stranded.  They were fine and safe but it was nice to be asked.

Recovery was on the way and my Brother-in-Law was en-route to pick up the children and I.

However just before he arrived a very kind man stopped.  He was driving the other way and had seen us, mainly the children caught his attention.  He drove on and found a space to turn around so he could come back.

He stopped, got out and came to our aid.

We were fine and help was on the way however I really appreciated the gesture.  He was a father of two and was concerned for the children.

He offered to drive me and the children either home or just over the roundabout to the restaurant to wait in safety.  He even thought of the children’s safety and showed me he had car seats for them to sit in.  We explained that my Brother-in-Law was on the way and he turned up at that moment but it was SO nice that he stopped.  Cared enough to want to help.  He offered Paul help, a lift, push or whatever was needed.

To that very kind man who actually cared – Thank you! Thank you for thinking of us and although you may feel you didn’t do anything – you did.  You cared enough to want to help and restored my faith in humanity.

Thank you.

The car is now at the garage and our mechanic is on holiday so it will be the end of the week before it is looked at and I’m hoping it’s not an expensive job!


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21 thoughts on “There are still kind strangers around!

  1. What a wonderfully uplifting post despite the car troubles; it's so nice to hear you experienced such kindness. I hope it doesn't cost you too much!

  2. Oh no what a disaster! It's awful that so many people just drove past without checking if you needed help. It's lovely to hear that there are some decent folk around. Fingers crossed it's nothing too serious x

  3. So pleased your all safe hun! There are so many friendly people around we've bumped into a few lately xx

  4. Glad to hear you were all safe – what an experience! There are nice strangers around – and even the breakdown services are wonderful. We broke down on a motorway – very fast traffic, very dangerous road. We managed to get into a layby, climbed on to the verge and waited. We saw an AA breakdown truck heading in the opposite direction within two minutes and to our surprise he arrived with us a few minutes later – he was nothing to do with our call but apparently all the breakdown services are told if someone is broken down on a motorway they should move them to a place of safety. He loaded the car and took us all to a service station – by which time he had been told we were his next call. I was very impressed that the breakdown services take moving people to a place of safety so seriously – especially when there are children involved.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  5. Good to know there are still decent people around Clare. glad to hear you were rescued and the car is now going to be looked at! Fingers crossed it's not too expensive! x

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