There’s A Big, Wide World Out There… And It’s Not Always A Bad One!

When you think of kids, you don’t always think of the great outdoors. No, sadly to say, these days, we often think of kids being in front of the TV, playing on their computers or consoles, or maybe, just maybe, immersing themselves out-and-about in activities of a far more consumerist nature. Like when they’re shopping… for a new technological item, or in Emmy’s case shouting “Mummy can I have that?” while the TV adverts are playing – without a word of a lie she bellowed that to me 7 times today in the space of 5-6 minutes of TV adverts. 

Connecting with nature can sadly seem less than ideal in our stranger-danger world, and modern kids actually only spend half the time we did back in our day outside of the house. But, in actual fact, getting children into the outdoor world can be fun, advisable – and, when done with supervision or in close proximity to your home, it can actually be very safe.
So, what can they do? There are literally an abundance of things. When we were kids, we’d tear up and down the streets on our bikes, climbing trees, the lot. Who’s to say they can’t, too? As long as it’s age appropriate, and it is light enough outside, you can definitely allow them a little freedom, within reason and boundaries. If your area just really isn’t suitable for this though, fear not. Local youth clubs and even schools these days have loads of clubs where they can get involved with games, teams and sports. It’ll be good for them, and they’ll make friends, too!
Even things as seemingly dull and boring as homework can actually be transformed into a chance to get a breath of fresh air. There’s some gorgeous Jamie Oliver garden furniture on offer at the moment from Be Garden Happy, which you could use as a table for them to get some work done without being trapped inside on a lovely day. Of course, these are handily combined with a BBQ grill set, so their range also gives a joyous excuse to invite around the entire family and enjoy a delicious meal! Well, it is by Jamie Oliver, after all!
When your kids start experiencing the outdoors more, and all it has to offer, it can even help you around the home. No, really. Gardening might not seem like a first choice hobby for a teenager, or even a preteen, but if you get them into this while they’re super young, they might find it’s a lot of fun, and very rewarding, for you and them. This is a favourite with Emmy – she has green fingers and enjoys planting and watering her seeds etc.
Your whole family can get on a bit of a kick – you can really help encourage them. Although the weather isn’t great 90% of the time in the UK, you can help show them that it doesn’t pay to be cooped up indoors all day. Why not swap that family movie night for a family walk? Or, if the sun isn’t being very kind, go swimming together in preparation for an awesome summer holiday at the beach when things are a little brighter or pop on some wellies and puddle jump – It’s SO much fun!  Life’s too short to never see the world – so get out there, and enjoy all it has to offer, and remember kids aren’t young for long so enjoy them and show them all the fun you can have together!
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