These shoes weren’t made for walking

My hubby has spent hundreds on shoes over the years (OK I have too however I admit mine are mostly unpractical), his however are for wearing with suits.
He has some really lovely suits and of course to match you need nice shoes, his are all black ones and they look great with his expensive suits.
These have always been fine up until November when he started a new job.  He used to work with his Dad and has never ever worked more than 5 minutes from our house.  He would awake at 8.30/8.45am get ready and still be in work for 9am.
Now he has joined the early morning commute along with the 1000’s of others in the morning as he works in London.  Luckily he really likes his new job as it means getting up at 6.45am, getting ready and leaving at the 7.30 am at the latest.
He then walks half an hour to our local train station,  he could take the car however there is no parking around the station and it costs too much to park in the station.
Next he has a half hour train journey. Depending on what train he gets determines whether or not he gets a seat or not and then once he arrives at Liverpool Street Station he then has a 25 minute walk to get to his office.
That’s actually a LOT of walking each week. I know I would struggle with it and I don’t have Fibromyalgia to contend with as well.
Chatting one evening I suggested getting some nice new trainers to wear for the walk to and from work.  I suggested that if he got some black ones they would look fine with his suit and he could even change them when he got to work if he needed to (although who would see his feet under a desk?).  JD Sports have been kind enough to let me choose a pair of trainers for Paul to wear. 

Now these will be his Valentine’s day present – not all that romantic but the gesture is there and it does symbolise that fact that I love him and want him to be pain free! His new trainers will be make for walking, but I now can’t decide which I like best.

Which do you prefer? Or maybe I should let Paul choose for himself?

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