The thing I dream of owning the most

I have been tagged by Me and My Kiddywinks to tell you the thing I dream of owning the most.

For me that is hard as I am always changing my mind so here are a few of my most wanted things – money being no option of course!

Mel Gibson’s Connecticut Mansion. 77 acres, 15 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, tennis court, private pond, terrace pool, greenhouse, stable, staff houses and log cabin! Who wouldn’t want a house like this.  I would of course then need all the staff to maintain a house like this.

A pair of DVB Jeans in a size 10! Bearing in mind I currently between a size 12-14 this may take some time, however i’m hoping one day I can achieve this one – ebay have a few pairs, i’m tempted to get some as motivation to start my diet.

Maybe the only one of all my dreams I will own at some point (HINT, HINT) an 18ct White Gold Eternity ring.

I am now tagging Rainy Day Mum, and Blog By Blaby to do the same and to link back to here.


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