Things you never knew about me

You’ll have seen that this week I have been joining in with Blogtober16, a post a day throughout the whole month. There are set topics for each day, now todays is to share a secret – well those who know me well will know that I don’t keep secrets well hence I have none to share so I thought I would share some things you probably didn’t know about me, so here goes:

For a few weeks of my school life I wanted to chance my name to my middle name of Samantha, so much so I made my friends call me Samantha or I wouldn’t answer them.

I have had my nose pierced 3 times and my belly button twice – these have now heeled up and won’t be coming back anytime soon.

I am allergic to face paints but it never stopped me from taking part in the school drama productions even though when I’d take it off after the shows my face would be sore, red and itchy – I always worried that if I told the drama teacher then I wouldn’t be allowed the parts I wanted and would have to settle for a smaller part.

I was scared of spiders but overcame this when I went to Paradise Park with the children I Nannied for and they oh so kindly volunteered me to hold the tarantula during one of the shows.


I tend to always get my own way or I sulk.

I find myself watching cartoons when the kids have gone to bed/school and sometimes enjoy them too much to turn them off.

I have a bad tendency to chat to myself sometime……or as I call it ‘thinking out loud’.

I have on far too many occasions flashed the couriers – I really do need to change our front door so it isn’t full glass and I can then hide behind it.

I enjoy playing around in photo booths far too much and if I had the chance would be searching photo booth hire in Essex for all party occasions just so I could have a play around – plus I am sure Emmy and Harry would love it just as much!

boots gifThings you never knew about me

I always wanted to join Brownies or Rainbows but refused to even enter the hall when my Mum took me for a trial session.

I have been known to watch Red Ted Art YouTube videos on a loop looking for crafting inspiration with the kids and we flick through Maggy’s book often looking for the next thing to make and the same goes for Eats Amazing’s Instagram feed to get some lunch inspiration for the kids lunches.

I procrastinate far too much and use my out of office a little more often than I should

Mamma Mia is one of my favourite feel good movies and I love Dirty Dancing.


There you go – a few things you may not have known about me!



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