This Mummy would like to mingle/learn at BritMums live – Sponsor needed

I am currently looking for a lovely company to sponsor me to attend BritMums Live 2012, this is a 2 day London based event on 22-23rd June.

There will be a little mingling involved however this event is aimed to help Bloggers to improve and move forward and I would love YOU to be involved too.

I may only have been blogging around 7 months now but in that short space of time have got up to loads – here is a little of what we have been doing in that time; and with a little inside information from BritMums Live – who knows what we will be doing next year, all I do know is I have BIG plans!!

In return for sponsorship I am offering:

  • A Badge/Advert on my homepage for a whole year – linking directly to your company
  • A post before the event introducing you as my sponsor
  • Your Brand mentioned in all posts, tweets and mentions of BritMums Live
  • To wear a T-shirt with your Brand/Logo at the 2 day event (ideally 2 differrent T-shirts)
  • To review any products/services for you on this blog which are relevant to our family (sorry I do have to draw a limit to things outside my family – I’ve lost count of the times I been asked to review cat food when I’ve only got a dog, or to review boys clothes when currently I only have a little girl)
  • To host competitions/giveaways for your Brand on this blog
  • I will also add your name as sponsors to my business cards which I will hand out at the event

*I am also open to suggestions so please do ask.

What do I need in return?: (now there is a question)
I will need my ticket to BritMums Live – £49.99 (until 29th Feb when the price will increase), Train travel to and from the event – 2 one day travel cards at £7.50 each and hotel accommodation while in London – this should all come to no more than £250 (depending on ticket and room prices on time of booking)

If you would like to discuss and hopefully be my wonderful sponsor please email me and I would love to have a chat

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