This room is set to try me!!

When I lived at home with my parents there were 4 of us in our 3 bedroomed house with only one bathroom.  This was a downstairs bathroom,  you manage but as you can imagine there times when someone is in the bath or shower and another needs the loo, and that’s when everyone is well – add stomach bugs into the mix too and well that’s enough of that!

When I moved into this house with Paul the thing I was happiest to have was a downstairs shower room as well as the main bathroom upstairs.

No more queuing for the loo, or an audience while having a bath. It was a welcomed feature then but now it’s a room which is bugging me and mocking me.

A girl can dream!
I always planned to update it, to decorate but it’s a room which gets left as other jobs arrived and we’re more important.

The shower leaks and has sadly made the shower cubicle and shower enclosure mouldy. I’ve treated it so many times and can often be found with mould sprays, bleach and a toothbrush trying to tackle the problem but it’s relentless.   The only solution is see is to eventually replace it all including the shower to a nice new power shower,  one which doesn’t leak – oh I dream of a nice powerful shower!

It seems this room will continue to mock me though as this weekend the lights and fan just stopped working.  I’ve changed the bulbs but it’s not that so now if you use the downstairs bathroom you must do so in the dark or with the door wide open, not so bad but it’s almost Christmas and I’ve people coming and going all the time.

Thankfully my lovely brother is coming,  hopefully to my resume Tomorrow to take a look.   He is an electrician so hopefully he can figure out what is wrong with it quickly so I can shower again,  well not that’s it’s stopped me but seeing what I’m doing would be rather nice and the kids do think it’s rather funny to close the door on me so I’m in the pitch black with a head full of shampoo.

Then the next job is adding a lock to the door again.  We used to have one however when Emmy was about 19 months old she managed to lock herself in there.  We had to break the lock off by pulling the door as hard as we could (by we I mean Paul) and breaking the lock.  This was promptly removed and hasn’t been replaced – as we know Harry would do exactly the same thing but we do need a lock so will add it back up higher up.  My poor Mum wasn’t allowed any peace and quiet from the kids and had to suffer an audience when she came last week (I may have been giggling though as I never get any peace and quiet).

Do you have a room in your house which desperately needs doing up?

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