This week I’m thankful for…..

An afternoon to myself!

It happens VERY VERY infrequently.

I am with my children 24/7 mostly as a SAHM and a WAHM there isn’t any need for e to leave the children at all.

I often turn down help when it’s offered as I’ve always done things for myself and I love being with the kids.

However it is half term and my Brother and Sister in law are off work this week so they offered to have the kids for the afternoon and they did.

Off they went at 12.45pm, fed and happy.  They love their Auntie and Uncle loads and love spending time with their cousins who are a lot older than them and enjoy doting on the kids.

They had a whale of a time while out.

They went to an art class where Emmy and Harry made masks, they iced biscuits and Emmy had her face painted.

They then went back to my Brother’s house where they played non stop with everyone, even Nanny and Grandad who went for a visit too.

Lots of fun was had by all.

They had dinner and even fusspot Emmy ate her dinner – although did insist on taking the outside off her fish fingers – strange child!

When they returned home they were exhausted and full of their fun filled day.

While they were out I walked the dog to Tesco’s and back, hoovered and mopped, wrote a blog post and caught up with other blogs I love to read, read some of a book and I sat on the sofa watching rubbish TV which I wanted to watch for the first time in forever.

I was kept up to date with what they kids were doing via pictures on Facebook and I relaxed and enjoyed a quiet afternoon.

Children making masks, art class for kids,, thankful thursday

I have to say it was bliss!

Now, who wants them during the next school holidays?

Thank you Ian, Anita and boys – they had a great time.

21 thoughts on “This week I’m thankful for…..

  1. Yesterday I dropped my two off with grandparents 5 hours drive away… they will be gone for a week… I am totally bereft!! 🙂 Never done it before… trying to motivate myself to go to a dance class tonight…

  2. Lovely! I never get time without mine either so if they pop to the shop with their dad or even take a long nap I feel lost and don't know what to do lol! Would love for a family member to be lovely and take them somewhere fun for a few hours but can't see it happening. I think I would probably just sleep though if given the chance lol

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