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Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to London to the premiere of the latest Thomas the Tank Engine movie: The Great Race, this was held at the Kings Cross Theatre.
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We were greeted by Sir Topham Hat alongside Rusty and Dusty who were happy to pose for photos with the children and Harry was quick to spot Thomas so was straight over for a cuddle and was sad he wasn’t able to jump aboard for a ride.
Thomas the Tank Engine, The Great Race movie
Inside guests were treated to face painting,  Thomas toys were available for the children to play with and refreshments were laid on with of course train shaped sandwiches and popcorn ready for the movie.
After everyone had finished eating we heading inside the theatre where Rusty and Dusty helped to entertain the children while everyone took their seats. Then it was movie time.
The Great Race is the talk of the Island of Sodor with all the trains and engines desperate to be taken to the event which sees engines from all countries competing in various competitive events against each other, with races, best designed engine and shunting contests it is a head to head with these engines.
Back on Sodor Thomas is desperate to be chosen to attend and take part only Sir Topham Hat has other ideas and all of Thomas’ suggestions for him attending are used by Sir Topham but sadly not for Thomas himself,  he has the great idea of making himself streamlined but Gordon ends up being modified instead.  He then wants to be painted to look beautiful for the best decorated engine contest only there are another engines ear marked for this instead.
Thomas starts to resign himself to the fact he won’t be going to the races.   As the engines from the various countries disembark the ferry too soon they find themselves in Sodor and have to quickly turn around to get back on the ferry,  all engines make it back in time except for Ashima a beautifully decorated engine from India who is left behind and soon makes friends with Thomas.
Thomas sadly sees everyone off who is heading to the race and sets about getting on with his daily duties.  That is until the engineers find a part that hasn’t been put back onto Gordon and Thomas has to speed off to take the safety value before disaster strikes.
Will Thomas arrive in time?  Well I wont spoil the ending for you so you’ll have to see it for yourselves.
Thomas & Friends, The Great Race, Movie
Both Emmy and Harry loved this movie, it captured their attention from the start and they were glued.  They didn’t move from their seats and clapped and giggled.  It is a must see for all Thomas fans of all ages. 
Rusty and Dusty, The Great Race, Thomas the tank engine movie
The Great Race is now playing in cinemas nationwide, to see a trailer or to book tickets please visit the website:

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