Thoughtful Touches at Christmas Time

Christmas means spending quality time with loved ones, and showing them how much they mean to you. This doesn’t mean giving them huge piles of presents, or extremely lavish gifts. In most cases, it’s the thoughtful gifts that go a lot further than those with the biggest price tag. There are lots of little touches you can do this Christmas to show your loved ones how you feel about them. Carry on reading to pick up some inspiration for the most wonderful time of the year.


Christmas cards are a simple way of showing people that you’re thinking about them over the festive period. Rather than buying a generic pack this year, why not personalise the cards? With the Card Factory, you can create your own personal, perfect Christmas card. You can add their name, your own message and even add your own photo to it. A personalised card shows so much thought, which in itself is a gift. We also like to make our own – you can find our homemade handprint card ideas here. 


If you’re feeling particularly crafty this Christmas, you could make your own crackers. Once you know who is coming round for dinner, you can plan the contents accordingly. You could include family in-jokes from the past year. Or have little gifts you know people around the table will appreciate. You could have name tags on the crackers to ensure people get the gifts that are intended for them.

Homemade Gifts

Of course, one of the most personalised touches you can do this Christmas is to make your gifts rather than shop on the High Street. The Telegraph offers a great selection of gift ideas for you to try out. These vary from making your own jewellery, soap and cross-stitches. Plus tips on how to package them all together. Of course, it all depends on the people you’re getting the gifts for. Think of things they like and how you can give it a homemade spin. Say for instance if you know their favourite book, you could frame a page of it. 

Baked Goods

There’s nothing quite like festive baking is there? During this time of year, you can truly indulge – you can treat yourself and your loved ones. Whether you want to make festive cookies, a traditional mince pie, or rich chocolate truffles, you can find the time to make a sweet treat that everyone can enjoy. If you get it right, your baked goods might get demolished quicker than a tin of Quality Streets. One of our favourites are homemade chocolate orange fudge made in the slow cooker. 

Are you all set for Christmas now or are you a last minute shopper?

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