Thoughts from my third Britmums Live: Britmums Live 2015

You won’t have missed that there was a huge blogging event this weekend, Britmums Live.
I attended again, this was my third year and by far my most relaxed year.
Possibly a little too relaxed if I’m honest,  I packed on Friday morning – well it’s only 1 night away and not a fashion parade so it’s only a case of adding Pj’s and clean knickers and top right?   I’m not sure why I took so much stuff for the past 2 years as I never used them so I was adamant this year I wouldn’t over pack. This also meant no coat, umbrella or change of shoes.  No problem at all…OH wait it rained and I was hot in my skinny jeans on day two so it wasn’t very carefully planned but my case was light so all was fine.
A night away in London is all good and well but the planning involved for this to actually be possible is immense,  Harry had to go into Pre-School for the whole day, Paul had to plan finishing work early, the house was tidied very well before I left and the fridge stocked.  Taxi booked, what could go wrong I’d planned so well…..
Well it is me after all, the taxi didn’t arrive so I walked into town, where there are two cab firms, neither had any available for 45 minutes so I missed my planned train and thankfully Paul took me to the station.  Then when I arrived in London I found out Liz was delayed so I hung around in Starbucks for over an hour waiting for her, I could have walked to my hotel and back but I had promised to wait.  It was actually rather nice to sit quietly on my own for a while and watch the world go round before the busy weekend really kicked off.
We managed to check in early once Liz arrived and then pottered on down to The Brewery for Britmums Live.
On previous years I have been rushed and therefore the nerves kicked in about being late, finding friends etc.  This year I was early and able to therefore see faces I recognised and refused to wait for them to say Hi to me – this year I tried to speak to as many people as possible – bloggers new and old, ones who I chat with often yet never meet up with, and I’m pleased that I managed to grab and chat to a lot more friends than the past two year.  With that amount of people in one place I was always going to miss some and I apologise to those I didn’t see or recognise (I’m human and I’m sorry).
For me Britmums Live is about connecting with those I speak with over the net, those friends firmly made through blogging, the people who understand fully what it is I do and why I do it.  Although I explain blogging to my non-blogging friends, no-one really gets it, they don’t understand why I seemly talk to the abyss, have conversations with myself.  It is hard to explain really and while I type this and hear it in my head I know I am not alone, I know that you are reading and for whatever the reason you continue to do so – and for that I am glad and I thank you. 
This blog started as an online record for my daughter and has become so much more and every day I am glad I bit the bullet and started.
This weekend has rekindled my love for what I do, I go through phases of loving it and then being unsure and taking a break – I guess you could call it writers block. 
Meeting amazing people, chatting with brands and regrowing my passion is what I have brought away with me from the weekend.  I have been saying NO a lot more this year and that feels amazing and I will continue with that attitude and the freedom it brings, and of course it’s not everyday you are able to break a Guinness World Record is it?
Hearing the keynote speakers was my highlight – my peers, wonderful bloggers reading their very best posts, in their on voices – and as always there was laughter and tears, lots of tears throughout (Britmums – I’m sure we had tissues on the table in previous years, maybe something to add again next year please), I admire those bloggers brave enough to stand up and read those posts, ones written straight from the heart but as I looked around the room I was saddened that the room had emptied out for those who had to get their trains home, the most powerful posts missed.
I think this year was quieter for me, less rushing to get to talks, I went to a few but let the day lead me, I laughed and joked about Pants with Carol Smillie who was talking about the wonderful Diary Doll, I met with again with Brands I am working with as an Ambassador this year and had a chance to reconnect with Brands I have previously worked with and have formed lasting friendships with and of course I was able to meet with new ones – with the added bonus of dressing up and posing for picture’s.
I loved the relaxed crafting vibe this year and how making some very pretty bunting won me a prize, I have displayed that bunting proudly in the playroom and used those new skills to make homemade cards on my return.  My crafting bug maybe back again so watch this space.
Of course there was also the chance to dress up one of my best friends in hen night attire and walk her through a packed award ceremony, then out in London for a lovely meal with fabulous friends and give out as may Willy straws as I could.


So here is to next year as I WILL be back – it feels like home almost, that family party where everyone knows everyone else, there is no unease and no-one wants to go home although I did have to rush home as I was receiving messages from Paul all weekend saying how the kids were misbehaving and boy did I return with a bolt of reality – Harry broke out in Chicken Pox on Sunday and is now very poorly with it.
I have to say a huge THANK YOU to my lovely sponsor Peacharno who made this weekend possible – a very fitting sponsor for me due to my childcare background:  Kate runs Peacharno which is a childcare consultancy business and is also owner of Each Peach Childcare, you can find out more about these businesses in my introductory post.


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9 thoughts on “Thoughts from my third Britmums Live: Britmums Live 2015

  1. I have just attended for my first year and i was so sad i missed the keynotes as i had to leave early to get home as i had a long journey, i have heard how amazing they were and hope i can attend them next year x

  2. Sorry you've been visited by Mr Chicken Pox. Our two have had it too – my daughter was really poorly while I was at BritMums Live. Such a shame to have missed you this time around, but there's always next year 🙂

  3. I only went for the awards ceremony this year as I'd just got back from holiday but I still really enjoyed it 🙂 It's always nice to properly meet people you only talk to through the laptop!!

  4. Glad to hear you had a good time – my third too! Sorry I missed you – but if I can miss seeing a dressed up hen, I really must have been walking round with my eyes closed! 😀

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