Thrill seekers from an early age #AD

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It’s safe to say that both of my children are thrill seekers and have been from an early age. They love theme parks and their confidence with faster rides builds every time we go. They may be a little anxious on their first go on a new ride but once off they immediately want to go back on again.

Emmy absolutely loved indoor skydiving and is so keen to head back and have another go, and this time I am sure Harry will love it too. He was a little too young when went and a tad worried but he does want to do a proper skydive just like I did a few years ago so he will have to at least brave the wind tunnel first.

They also both adore Go Ape and it is somewhere we visit often as a family, they certainly aren’t scared of heights and the faster the better is a motto for both of them.

For Paul’s birthday last year I purchased him a track day where he was able to drive 5 supercars. We headed off the day to watch him and the kids loved it despite the pouring rain. and bitter cold on the day. Wrapped up well and equipped with blankets, umbrellas and boots we braved the elements to see their Dad race around the track.

Harry, in particular, was in his element, he absolutely loves Lamborghini’s and was jumping up and down watching these whizz around at great speed.

He was over the moon he could have a photograph taken with one and this picture is printed off and in pride of place in his bedroom.

His dream, when he is older, is to either drive a helicopter or to be a race car driver, and as you know he even sleeps in a race car bed!

He just loves speed, often shouting faster faster when in the car or on the fast theme park rides. Although only 6 he just has a love of speed and can often be found sitting in the driver’s seat of our car pretending he is a race car driver.

I can see him being one of those who loves tinkering on his car when he is older, adding special extras to make it stand out in a crowd, make it faster and if his Casanova ways are anything to go by already he’ll use his car to pull the girls.

Of course, all parts added to any cars should come from a reputable company such as Scuderia Car Parts, who specialise in original parts and performance tuning for a variety of performance, luxury and prestige cars.

He has already said when he is older he wants to have 2 Lamborghini’s, a red one and a black one and he is positive that the colour also determines the speed of the car. He is sure those are the fastest colours and help the drivers to win their races, kids just have the cutest ideas don’t they?

Are your children thrill seekers? Mine certainly take after their dad in that respect.

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  1. I use to love cars when i was young and new most makes and models. My son was well into F1 at age4 by 6 he was reading not comics but the f1 mag lol. Thrill seeking is awesome and so exciting

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