Christmas Present Time – Christmas episode of Tickety Toc airs tomorrow

Set your chimes ready for a special festive episode of Tickety Toc, this brand new special Christmas episode ‘Christmas Present Time’ airs on Saturday 30th November on Nick Jr. at 12.30pm
Get your Tickety Toc fans ready or even set record in advance so you can rewatch throughout Christmas.
The special episode see’s the whole of Tickety Toc Town preparing for Christmas on Christmas eve until Santa throws things into turmoil.
The Reindeers have caught a chill, Santa’s sleigh is broken and all the presents are spread across Tickety Town! But the inseparable heroes, Tommy and Tallulah, come to the rescue with a plan to save Christmas as they gather up all the presents and use McCoggins’ balloon to deliver them to everyone in Tickety Town. But what will happen when a huge storm blows them off course and pops their balloon? Luckily their faithful friend, Pufferty the Puppy Dog Train is on hand to help and combined with some Magic Christmas Sparkle Dust he believes he can fly, but will it be enough to save Christmas in Tickety Town?
I won’t spoil it for you I’ll just let you know that Emmy really enjoyed it and I’m sure your Tickety Toc fans will do too.

This is for parents now – after the show head on over to Twitter for a special Tickety Toc Twitter Party where you could win prizes – Don’t forget to follow @TicketyTocUK 

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