Time to admit pregnancy has ruined my feet forever

Tonight Paul and I headed out for a quiet dinner – Emmy is at a sleepover at Nanny & Grandad chip’s so with having only Harry we thought we would treat ourselves to a nice steak meal. 

This was a great excuse to dress up for a change, well dressier than jeans and a t-shirt anyway.  I broke out a dress and even shaved my legs (I must admit I don’t normally have time for that).

When the dresses are dusted off it means I am able to ditch the flip flops or trainers and wipe the cobwebs from the high heels.

It was tonight that I finally realised that pregnancy has ruined my feet forever!

Gaining a few stone in each pregnancy and having complications meant swelling, and LOTS of it, mainly in my hands, feet and ankles – my feet also changed in size from a size 5 to a size 6.

10 months on from pregnancy number 2 is now the time to admit that they aren’t going to shrink and my favourite old shoes are now all redundant.

A selection of my favourites – all size 5 sadly

Now this is really sad as I’ve some lovely and expensive heels which may not have been worn for a while but I love them.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to my lovely sandals and heels which I have fond memories of and spent a lot of money on and time in.

But could this be a blessing in disguise?  Maybe it’s time to treat myself to new sandals and heels for the very few occasions I may have to wear them!

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4 thoughts on “Time to admit pregnancy has ruined my feet forever

  1. Perhaps you could appeal for people who were a size 6 before pregnancy and have gone up to a 7 to give you their heels! My feet have gone up a size after only 1 pregnancy, but sadly I never wore heels beforehand!

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