Tips for creating an entertainment friendly home

As the year progresses towards the festive season, entertaining people through gatherings, dinners and parties is always high on the agenda. So as guests begin to fill your house fairly regularly it’s important to make sure your home is entertainment ready. But what exactly does that mean? Below are some useful tips to get you started.

Outdoor Living

There is no better place to entertain guests in your home than a great outdoor area. It’s the perfect location as you won’t be stressing about spills on carpets or someone knocking over Grandma’s old vase. Check out furniture specialists like for outdoor furniture and accessories inspiration. Think comfort as well as sustainable products so you will have an outdoor getaway that will hopefully last more than one party!

Open Spaces

Taking a look at your living and kitchen spaces is a good way to grasp just how entertainment friendly your home actually is. Does it have enough room for movement? Will people be constantly bumping in to each other? This might be a great opportunity to reassess your furniture choices and arrangement, and think about repositioning them to accommodate a steady flow of movement.

Seating Galore

You can’t entertain properly in your house if you don’t have enough places to sit everyone. Yes, people will be moving about and mingling, but you still need to accommodate for those that just want to sit and have a chat. If you’re indoors, make sure you have couch space free, as well as placing a couple of additional chairs around the dining room table. Also think about cushions for the floor as a real point of difference.


Entertainment friendly basically screams de-clutter, as no one is comfortable or relaxed when they’re constantly worried about knocking something over.  Have a good walk around the space you want to entertain in and shift anything that looks like an obstacle. Also keep all surface items to a minimum, or even remove them completely. If you don’t need the fruit bowl or the expensive photo frame on display for the night, then take it out, plus less on display is less to dust!

Lighting and Technology

You can’t very well entertain guests if they can’t see each other. Lighting is one of the simplest ways to create atmosphere in your home, and can really be used to your advantage when celebrating with family and friends. Include plenty of natural light during the day, and make sure focal areas of the room are well lit if you want to draw people’s attention there. This includes the food and drink table. In terms of technology, have a decent stereo and speakers ready to go and in clear sight so guests can change songs without having to hunt you down to do it each time.

Everybody loves to entertain, but the thought of not having everything in your home just right for your guests is always on your mind. By incorporating some of the above ideas you will be well on your way to a (relatively) stress-free gathering.

I’ve learnt my lesson when entertaining that less is more, get the guests to help with drinks and preparing food and you will then be able to relax and enjoy it too, and if I’m doing a kids party – then I don’t bother with moping the floor and having all immaculate as drinks will be spilt in minutes and the toys all over the floor anyway.

How entertainment friendly is your home? In what ways do you think it could improve? Discuss your answers below.

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