Tips for Keeping Warm and Stylish This Winter

The bitter cold and harsh winds of winter can make it difficult to keep warm as well as stylish. Your main focus tends to turn to clothing that’s going to keep you warm, with style well and truly put on the backburner. However, did you know it’s possible to keep warm and look stylish this winter? Below, you’ll discover some great tips for combining warmth and style this winter season.

Layers are your friend

If there’s just one fashion tip you follow this winter, you’ll want it to be this one. Layers are the easiest and most practical way to stay warm as well as stylish in the colder months. Britain isn’t exactly known for its predictable weather patterns. Some days may start bitterly cold, then become milder later. So, you’re going to want an outfit where you can remove a layer if it does get too hot later in the day.

Layers look great too. Ask any fashionista what they love about winter fashion and they’ll tell you it’s the layered look. It gives you so many different options and ensures you stay warm and comfortable at the same time.

Cover those legs in style

Although you may love to wear tights throughout the year, in winter it just isn’t practical. Most tights are far too thin to offer any warmth in the colder weather. While you could opt for fleece-lined tights to maintain the look, ideally, you’ll want to choose a good quality pair of trousers.

You can pick up stylish, yet warm trousers from companies such as Damart. The additional warmth they provide will be welcome in the chilly weather, and your legs will be kept stylish.

Choose a faux fur jacket

If you really want to ramp up the warmth factor this winter, a faux fur jacket is what you need. Faux fur has never really gone out of fashion and it’s the super-chic thing to wear in the colder weather. If you tend to prefer to look glamorous and fashionable, this style of jacket is perfect.

As you can see, there are some great ways to stay warm as well as stylish in the winter months. The above is just some of the best tips you can follow. Of course, you won’t want to forget the accessories either. Accessories such as scarves can really help to complement a winter outfit while adding warmth at the same time.

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