Tips for Playing Golf in the ‘Great British Weather’

We all love a game of golf during the summer, is there a better way to spend a day than whacking a little ball around with a club, whether it be it crazy golf or the real thing! Problem is, we’ve got to deal with the British take on ‘summer’ – with weather that can never seem to make up its mind from one day to the next, you really don’t want to be caught out unprepared on the green and have to endure a beating from the wind and the rain as you sprint back to some semblance of shelter.

Here are some helpful pointers for how to not only prepare yourself for wet weather, but also to play better in it! Who says your game should suffer just because of a bit of rain?

Whip Out Your Waterproofs

This might seem like an obvious inclusion, but too many people bring their waterproof jackets whilst neglecting to bring some waterproof pants to accompany them. Getting yourself some trousers with a zippered cuff can massively ease the annoyance of having to wrestle wet pants off yourself. Make sure the waterproof material is good quality too, as you won’t want to pay over the odds for something that’s likely to spring a leak and leave you damp and miserable!

Dust Off Those Sensible Shoes

If you don’t own a pair of specialised golf shoes by now, then you’re probably taking plenty of strokes off your game! The two most important components when it comes to your golf swing are the club you use and the ground you’re standing on, so if the pass is in less-than-perfect condition you’re going to need to compensate. Get yourself some spiked Nike golf shoes and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your tread and therefore your overall game.

Factor the Elements into Your Game

It goes without saying that the rain is going to play havoc with your game, but there are a few things you can do in order to combat this. If the ground is wet then your ball isn’t going to run nearly as far as it would on the kind of surface that you’re used to, so my answer is: hit harder! There’s no such thing as a deft and subtle putt when it comes to a damp surface, you’re just going to have to whack it to get the ball to go anywhere – it might not be pretty, but even champions know how to play ugly to grind out results.

Get Acquainted with the Towel/Umbrella Trick

The secret weapon of all caddy’s – when holding up your umbrella to protect you from the rain hand a towel underneath it so you can dry your hands between shots to improve your grip. You’ll want to get yourself an umbrella with vents so it doesn’t blow inside out during strong gusts and ruin your lovely dry towel.

Leave Your Pride at Home

If you’re the ruthlessly competitive you might want to drop that whole attitude for a game in the rain – it could literally go anyone’s way some days! Don’t be too disheartened if you’ve had the worst game of your life, I’m sure that everyone else on the green is having just as much of a nightmare as you right now.

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Playing Golf in the ‘Great British Weather’

  1. What a nice blog. Golfing is a great way to spend time with kids. They look cute and adorable. Keep it up and enjoy playing golf even if it’s raining. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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