Tis the season of summer weddings

I love the Summer months and the fact that even though we are living in the UK the sun finally has his hat on, in fact for the first time in forever I actually have a sun tan and although my legs are still white they have lost that pasty white glow which you could see from a mile off.

I’ve never been one to don dresses unless it’s for a special occasion or even shorts for that matter, but with the Summer weddings fast approaching and not wanting to wear tights in a heat wave, even if they are only 10 denier ones I have been stepping out of my comfort zone but one step at a time and just cut down an old pair of my favourite jeans which had seen better days into shorts for me.

There is no point dressing up for the school run really however now I have removed my pasty white colour and am gradually working up a natural tan – I have never been one to think about sun beds and fake tan and me just don’t mix I’ve been picking out some dresses ready for the 3 weddings we have coming up.

I have been browsing SimplyBe and these are the wedding outfits which I think I’ll be wearing this summer, dresses which can double as wedding guest wear, for formal evening events and for christenings. I hate choosing dresses which can be worn once only and know if I choose short dresses I wouldn’t wear them again.

Being a Mum to two children running around and dancing on the dance floor is rather impossible to do in a short dress, well impossible to do without flashing my underwear at other guests and no one wants to see this at a wedding, or anywhere for that fact. These dresses can be found by clicking here.

I also wear high heels to start the day but by the end of the evening I ALWAYS change into flats because it’s been many years since I was able to spend an entire evening in pretty shoes, pregnancy killed my ankles and my feet swelled to a full size bigger and that swelling never reduced.

What are your wedding go to essentials?

Alongside a pretty dress, I like to have a nice handbag and inside I always have the same essential items:

  • My phone
  • Purse with bank card and money
  • Lipstick
  • Hairbrush
  • Eyeliner
  • Tissues
  • A small roll-on deodorant
  • Small bottle of perfume
  • and if the kids are with me I often have a colouring pad and pencils, and a few small toys to keep them amused.

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