To Emmy on your 5th birthday

Darling Emily,
Where has the time gone?
How can you be 5 today?
You were loved from the moment I found out about you, wanted for much longer.
You have had my heart from the first second I saw you, actually before that when I heard you cry from behind the theatre screen.
I still remember clearly the look of shock when the nurses weighed you, my not so little baby.
Your Daddy had to make a trip out to the shops to get bigger clothes for you,  there was no way you were fitting into the tiny baby or newborn clothes we had packed.
Twice the size of the other babies on the ward.
Oh how time has flown, far too quickly. 
I’m eternally grateful I started recording our memories in this blog all those years ago, having the moments captured forever. The milestones and new era’s.
You have grown into a beautiful and charming, albeit bossy young lady who makes my heart swell and me unbelievably proud of you every single day.
You are my best friend and I love you so very much.
Princess Emily, the one who can make me so very happy and yet so infuriated at the very same time.
You’ve had many nicknames over the past 5 years,  Milky Monster, Emmy Bemmy,  Eggy,  Poo Head (sorry that’s Harry’s fault), Em-Bo,  cheeky chopsticks but you will always and forever remain Mummy’s baby!
Wishing all your dreams come true baby girl.
Happy Birthday beautiful.
I love you dearly
Xxx Mummy xxx

24 thoughts on “To Emmy on your 5th birthday

  1. Oh my, you have made me feel all nostalgic. Such a lovely letter to such a sweet little girl. Happy Birthday Emmy. xx

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