Today a princess tomorrow a doctor?

I’m pretty sure it’s universal – all kids love to dress up!
Emmy has an entire wardrobe dedicated to dressing up clothes, it started as a small box however soon over spilled and over flowed and soon I needed to rearrange her bedroom to accommodate her ever growing collection.
She has a weakness for dresses and if the outfit comes with accessories then she loves it even more. Aside from her collection of dressing up clothes she has a box full of handbags and necklaces, and another box full of tiaras, fairy wands and wings.
Poor Harry actually has NO dressing up clothes and seeing his sister always in costume makes him want to dress up too. 
Much to Paul’s disgust last week he tried to don a princess dress and he does love Emmy’s hairbands and Minnie Mouse ears (my facebook friends have all seen those pictures – saved for his 18th birthday).
I need to find some boys dressing up clothes.
Do you have any favourites?
I’ve been searching A2Z Kids for some dressing up outfits for Harry, and I was spoilt for choice so I’ve narrowed down to a few essentials I feel he should have.
I’m struggling a little to be honest as I hadn’t realised there were so many different costumes.  What do you suggest I add to his own collection of dress up outfits?  Of course we need an Iggle Piggle too as it’s his favourite.
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2 thoughts on “Today a princess tomorrow a doctor?

  1. Your title made me smile. My younger daughter used to like dressing up and although she wasn't a doll type of girl, she insisted on having a Doctor Barbie doll one year and she got one by winning a school dinner competition, which ended up costing me more thanks to all the other bits and bobs she wanted to go with it. Anyway now she is a real doctor and on her graduation she bought a doctor doll for her niece and told her she would be a doctor one day – I wonder!

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