Toddler proofing a room ready for the change from Cot to Bed

It’s that age old debate of when do you change your baby/toddler from a cot and into a toddler bed, or even just remove the side of a cot.  Often it’s us as parents who delay this change as even though our kids are ready – we are not!
I mean it’s so much easier when they are contained by 4 sides isn’t it?  No escaping, no getting out in the night and no falling out. 
Sadly we can’t keep them in cots forever – sorry you really can’t so you will have to move them eventually.
Things to consider when deciding when the time is right are:
  • Are them climbing out of the cot?
  • Are they waking themselves by turning around or getting stuck?
  • Are they getting too big for the cot?
If the you’ve answered yes to any of these then it’s probably time for change.
There are a few things you may want to do before you make this change, you will want to child proof the room a little:
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  1. Stair gate – A great way to be able to check on the kids but stop them from escaping the room, especially at night time when you are asleep.  Having a stair gate across their bedroom door will help to keep them safe
  2. Socket covers – to stop little fingers and objects being poked inside
  3. Window Locks – these stop the windows from being opened too far, meaning the children can’t climb out
  4. Night Light – Often useful not only for reassurance for the children but for you too – you will be able to check they are still in bed.  Why not combine with a teaching clock too so they learn not to get up too early at the same time?
  5. Toy/Book storage – you will want to have somewhere to keep these things tiny.  Remove toys from the floor as they may cause a trip hazard especially in the middle of the night.
Now the room is ready you will need to prepare yourselves and your child for the next step.  Involve them, talk to them and be prepared for a few restless nights.  They may surprise you and embrace the change well.
You never know until you try.
I moved Emmy into a toddler bed at 20 months and she was fine, slept through and didn’t keep getting out.  I moved Harry around a similar age and we had a few weeks of either falling out of bed, waking up or just him getting out of bed.  Perseverance paid off and he now sleeps through only getting up occasionally but grabbing his nightlight to cuddle before settling down for the night.


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