Top 5 Tips On Keeping Your Garden Pest Free

Do you have a beautiful garden and are wondering how to get rid of pests harming your plants and ruining its aesthetic appeal? Maintaining your garden is a challenging task that requires diligence and proper care, especially when it comes to keeping insects and pests away searching for nutrition from the plants. While the upkeep may appear an uphill task, you can make it easier by considering the following points. This is certainly something we learnt the hard way over the summer when we grew our own vegetables in the garden.

Give Your Plants Room to Breathe

When planning to maintain your garden, do not cram plants into a tight space and do not plant excess vegetation without adequate space in-between. This may prove detrimental in the end due to limited air circulation. This, in turn, makes it difficult for plants to respire easily. The arrangement in your garden should be good enough to let plants breathe so that crammed areas do not tempt feeding insects or pests to enjoy the shelter and warmth. If you want to plant your vegetation close, then make sure you monitor it regularly and have a top rated pest control company take a look at it every now & then to avoid infestation.

Water Your Plants Early In The Day

I suggest you water your plants in the morning to hydrate them nicely, especially in warm weather. This will also help in their growth and photosynthetic activity. Another benefit of early watering is that the plants will not wilt or stress out due to lack of hydration. It will, in turn, prevent insects to feed them. Usually, pests like to feed on plants that are dried out, stressed and tightly packed in groups. Damp plants clamped together are hard for pests to resist.

Birds And Frogs are Good For The Garden

Explore ways to organize your garden, so birds and insect-eating species like frogs are attracted to it. It will also help to naturally keep your garden free of any pests. A good idea to attract toads in your garden is to keep a bowl of water near your plants or a birdhouse nearby. Although birds are notorious for nibbling on flowers or fruits in the garden, it is good to have a few living around the shrubs in your garden so they can eat away any harmful insects and pests.

Use Good Quality Insecticides

Ask your pest control firm for insecticides and pesticides that can drive any plant-eating insects away. Excessive spraying is not good for the plants, fruits or the eco-system itself, so it is wise to learn a bit about the amounts and frequency for spraying before you buy one for yourself. Better, ask the experts about it.

Attract Beneficial Insects

Some of the insects/ pests in the garden are actually beneficial in certain ways, so you might not want to get rid of them, however, you will need to monitor their numbers and activity. The ladybug nymph, for example, is an insect that quickly devours any aphids in your garden while the earwig is great for wiping away slugs and a certain type of weed. These insects will also require nectar and pollen aside from the protein they are getting from the pests around. Therefore, it is good to plant more flowering sources aside from the herbs, lettuce, and cole.


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