Top beauty tips to get rid of aging signs


When and where people
start to develop aging signs is down to a combination of genetics and
lifestyle factors. There’s little you can do to change your
genetics, but when it comes to lifestyle factors you have more
control. Choosing not to smoke, eating a healthy, balanced diet,
getting enough sleep and taking care in the sun are all steps you can
take to minimise the onset and development of wrinkles and other
aging signs.
Whatever other products
you use to help combat wrinkles, a good moisturiser, or moisturisers,
for the face and body is essential. One particular body oil spray
that is a fantastic treatment for the skin can be found at;
It is convenient to apply, prevents moisture loss from the skin and
can be used all over the body.
Dry skin leads to the
faster development of lines and wrinkles, whatever your age.
Moisturisers hydrate the skin and keep it soft, supple and plumped
up. Lighter lotions can also be helpful for younger or sensitive
skin, while rich nourishing creams are recommended for very dry skin.
One of the most
important habits you can get into to prevent lines developing, as
well as more serious damage to your skin, is to wear sunscreen
regularly. Even if it’s raining or cloudy you should still be
wearing sunscreen on your face. Choose a good quality product with
high SPF.
Fortunately, there are
also a few beauty tricks and tips to take advantage of if you do
develop aging signs that you’re unhappy about. Retinoids are
available in topical creams and are becoming increasingly popular for
their effectiveness in treating the signs of aging. A form of vitamin
A, they are one of the few compounds that dermatologists recommend to
reduce lines and wrinkles and can help to stimulate cell growth.
However, it’s best to use them only in consultation with a
dermatologist or medical doctor.
Eye creams may help to
reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet around the
eyes. This area of skin is delicate so always take care when removing
eye make-up and washing the face. As well as retinoids, some creams
also contain peptide proteins to increase the production of collagen
and antioxidants, which help to combat free radical damage and
collagen breakdown. Sunlight, stress, tobacco smoke and alcohol,
amongst other factors, are all capable of triggering free radical
production. Vitamins C and E and coenzyme Q10 are examples of
When it comes to
make-up around the eyes, go easy on powder, which can settle into and
exaggerate wrinkles. Concealer should also be used with care, but a
little smoothed in well with your finger or a brush can help reduce
their appearance. Think less is more rather than risk overdoing it.
Lips don’t produce
sebum, which helps to keep skin protected and hydrated, so they are
often one of the first places to become cracked and dry. As we age,
they lose more of their shape and plumpness. Get into the habit of
using lip balm on a regular basis – a moisturising lip gloss is
perfect to combat dryness and add texture and colour at the same
time. If using lipstick, apply lip balm first so it can fill out the
wrinkles. The lipstick will then have a smoother finish.


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