Top tips for entertaining kids on car journeys

As many of you know prior to being a Mum, I was a Nanny for 14 years.

It was a job which I loved and which I was happy to leave the house at 6.20am for and not return home until around 7.30pm most days. I would go in with a smile and leave with an even bigger one, most days.  I truly loved this job – now I know not many can say that.

It was such a wonderful job and it certainly set me in good steed for being a parent myself as I got to experience a lot of the things many times and learned a lot through experience. One of the things I would do often during my Nanny years was accompany the children on their holidays, one of my families had a beautiful holiday home on the south coast which we visited each half term. Their Mum would drive and I would go in the car with them to occupy the children – after all there is nothing more off-putting while driving than young children arguing and moaning they are bored.

There are lots of little things which can help make travelling with children a little easier, here are a few of the things I use to distract and amuse on long journeys:

Entertaining kids on car journeys

  • Snacks and Drinks
    Drinks from sippy style bottles/cups or bottles are best as it can be easy to spill them if drunk while driving. I find the bottles/cups which are leak proof to be best as kids are notorious for forgetting to put caps/lids back on.
    Mess/crumb free food is of course the best option, but not always possible. We like to take a little packed lunch for the children to pick and choose from, including: a sandwich (ham, marmite, jam etc), mini cheddars or quavers (I’m always wary of certain food types in the car as choking can easily happen – I avoid baby tomatoes, grapes and hula hoops), Babybel, squeezy yogurt.
  • Travel sickness bracelets/tablets
    Emmy suffers from travel sickness – we use Sea-Bands for drug free treatment which on the whole works very well. I do carry tablets too just in case it is very bad. Not using phones or tablet computers help and avoiding reading while moving.  Having the window open a little also helps.
  • Bags for rubbish
    There is nothing worse than having the kids crisps papers and drinks bottles rolling around the car
  • Colouring books and crayons
    I find crayons are easiest as they don’t need sharpening half way through a journey, I also place them in a pencil case for easy access and to stop them rolling around the floor
  • Lap tray
    Not essential but it does make drawing or playing a little easier – there are lots available, we have this one which folds flat when not in use and have pockets in the side for holding crayons, toys or even drinks and snacks
  • Small toy figures/cars
    Mine like to take a few small toys which they can play – only 2 or 3. Harry likes to take his Paw Patrol figures and Emmy likes her dolls.
  • Backpack or bag
    This is to put in the middle of the car to keep all the toys tidy
  • A few wrapped presents
    These don’t have to be new toys for the children, they can be ones which they’ve not played with for a while – children like unwrapping presents and usually aren’t that bothered with the contents
  • Car games
    A few of our favourites are: I Spy, spot the car (everyone picks a colour and the first to spot a car of that colour wins), spot the landmark, number plate scrabble (make words using the letters on the car number plates), car Bingo
  • Audio CD’s
    We are currently loving the David Walliams story collection – it’s not only the children who giggle at his stories but us adults do too, and they aren’t boring which is always a bonus
  • Window blinds
    Stick on blinds for the children stop the sun from getting in their faces and the complaints of ‘I can’t see’
  • Sticker books
  • Teddy and blanket
    For late night car trips or really long trips my children always fall asleep, to make it as comfortable as possible we take their favourite teddies and a thin blanket so they can get snuggly and cosy
  • Kids Tablets
    These we use occasionally if it is a long journey, Emmy gets travel sick so we limit the use in the car
  • Making up stories
    We like to make up stories as we drive along, one person starts and then someone else continues, passing over after a sentence or two – these end up either making no sense at all or to be rather amusing

Of course, there’s always the sensible things to check when going on any car journey, especially with children, starting with finding the best car insurance, checking the tyre pressure and making sure you have breakdown cover in place, having a charged phone with you for emergencies, a note pad and pen in the glove box (for exchanging details in the event of an accident), then there’s the job of making sure everyone has been to the toilet before setting off and packing a spare set of clothes in the boot just in case (mainly for younger children but you never know – I always have a spare set for both my children packed away in the boot at all times…..and have used them many times) and wet wipes….there is always a need for wet wipes!

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7 thoughts on “Top tips for entertaining kids on car journeys

  1. Some great tips we love making up stories and have magnetic shapes and a metal tray too which is great in the car

  2. Honestly, we can’t drive to our local Asda without travelling to the tune of “Are we nearly there …?!” Brilliant tips, some of which I’ll definitely keep in mind if we ever dare to venture further with Beastie in the car! #Blogtober17

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