Top Tips for Families Moving Abroad

While many of us consider moving abroad for a while when we are younger, life, work, and family commitments often get in the way. I always wanted to be an air hostess when I was younger so I could travel the world, then after a break-up in my late teens I wanted to be a holiday ref in a foreign country – neither of these dreams ever actually happened, although I was offered a job as a Nanny while holidaying in Australia pre-children.

Once we have had children we often think it’s too late to follow these dreams. If you would like to travel with your family, why not consider an online diplomacy degree. An online MDY degree would give you the opportunity to one day find work as a diplomat. Then you could travel with your family, spending a few years at a time in each location while having a great job and gaining wonderful experience.

When moving your family abroad, there is a lot to think about so here are some great tips to help you get it right.


Research absolutely everything about your prospective home. Check out the area, join online forums for expats in the area, and find out as much as you can about everything from their culture and economy to what the people are like. You don’t want to go into this unprepared. Make a list of everything you need to research and arrange, including things like housing and education.

Go for a Holiday

Don’t commit to moving anywhere without going on a visit first. If possible, go on a family holiday so everyone gets the chance to look around, and then an adult-only trip, which gives you a chance to investigate in more depth and start sorting out some details.

Prepare the Kids

The best way to prepare your children for such a big change is to involve them in the planning as much as possible. Let them help you as much as they can or at least show them what you are doing. Spend time every day talking about what they should expect and look at pictures and videos online.

Think About Work

Are you planning to work while you are away? If possible, arrange to work remotely for your current company or arrange a transfer. If you’ve got the savings that mean you don’t have to work while away, brilliant, but if not you should at least try and manage on one income so you don’t need to worry about childcare.

Follow some Expat Blogs

This may help to give you some tips you’ve not already though of and they may even be able to help you if you correspond with them. There are loads of Brits living and blogging abroad, they can help you with local information about schools, supermarkets and even doctors in the area.

I’ve two very good friends who are UK bloggers both are currently packing up to head over to live in France this month- I’m sure both will be blogging their progress and letting you know how they settle in if you want to pop over and read their adventures – Aby blogs over at You Baby Me Mummy and Kate blogs over at Kate on Thin Ice – I can’t wait to follow their adventures and am extremely jealous if I’m honest – I’ve known Aby for years and have loved seeing the houses they were looking at as she shared them with friends on Facebook. Kate has kept hers a little more under her hat but I know she has something special lined up for her new adventures with her family which I can’t wait to see.

Learn the Language

Learning at least a little of your host nation’s language will not only help to make it seem real for the kids it will also make things a lot easier when you arrive. Children generally pick up language much easier than adults, so you may find it’s them helping you.

Make a Budget

Living abroad can be tough if you don’t know much about the economy. It’s not as easy as just changing your currency. Things simply won’t cost the same. This is one of the reasons a visit is incredibly important. Do some research on the cost of living and then sit and make sure you can afford to live comfortably in your new country.

Living in a different country can be a great experience for young children. It’ll help to expand their world, introduce them to new ideas, new foods, and new ways of life, and it will give them plenty of adventures to enjoy.

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