Top tips for dressing a bump for Summer

Recently I’ve been looking back over old photos of my pregnancies and thinking back to being pregnant in the Summer – this is provoked by many friends currently being heavily pregnant and the recent heat wave.
If I’m honest I hated it.  I’m not very good at coping in the heat at the best of times so would spend many afternoons sitting in the paddling pool with Emmy or sitting next to a fan in the front room, which was then moved to the bedroom when I slept (or kitchen when I was cooking) – infact if I could have taken it to the toilet with me I probably would have done.
Throughout the Summer I lived in maternity shorts or linen trousers, teamed with baggy maternity tops.  It was the only thing I was comfortable in as I’ve never been a dress wearer.
Now as Summer approaches again (OK, it’s England so we have to take the hot days as and when we get them) I’ve been asked by friends if I have any tips on staying cool while pregnant – so I asked around and this is the advise left by fellow friends and bloggers:
  • Maternity Maxi Dresses are great for dressing up and down and perfect for keeping cool! Add some chunky jewellery and a shrug for an evening look and wear comfy flats in the day! Kara – Chelsea Mamma
  • I swore by Maxi Dresses when I was due end of August, they were really cool. It needn’t be a maternity one, my two favourites were dresses bought from the main range with lots of room in them. Pippa – Red Rose Mummy
  •  I wear Maxi Dresses a lot and avoid jeans or trousers at all costs!
    Carly – Mummy and the Chunks
  • Exposed, painted as the sun with sunglasses on!
    Jetta – Mischievous Mum – She was joking however it would look cool – I painted my Emmy bump as a Pumpkin for Halloween

1 Isabella Oliver Maxi Dress / 2 River Island Necklace / 3 Sandals by Isabella Oliver / 4 Maxi from New Look

 It would appear the consensus is definitely Maxi dresses and flats – definitely wise choices and items that will not only last the pregnancy but will see you through the post baby tummy stage and the above would even be great for breast feeding in to.
  • Ickle Pickles Life says –  Maxi dresses for me too, not only maternity, buy a bigger size.  They can be worn the following year too if you haven’t lost baby weight!
  • Comfortable footwear is essential in Summer. Try to avoid heels and wedges and opt for flats – the heat can make your ankles swell, especially with extra pregnancy weight – Emma The Mini Mes and Me
  • I wore lots of lovely empire line dresses and swore by my fit flops. Was enormous during a very hot August & went to 6 weddings while pregnant !!! The last one was at 37 weeks so I wore a sari – they fit any size.  Swazi – Chocolate is not the only fruit
 There you have it, some very sound and sensible advice for helping to dress and stay cool and comfortable when pregnant in the Summer.

How do you dress to stay cool?  Are there any essentials we have missed?

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