My top tips for keeping kids entertained on train journeys

You will have seen from many of my posts we head off on adventures a lot on the train.  It’s so accessible for us that it is a very easy option.
Train travel is usually so easy for us that it’s become second nature my only worry is the buggy and stairs if I am alone, however I usually find a very kind stranger to help out with that one – standing in the middle of the stairwell looking helpless always works as they are so keen for you to get out of their way that they offer to help (shhhh that tip didn’t come from me!)
As a Mum my bag is always rammed with essentials to help keep the children amused.
Our top tips for keeping the children amused on long journeys are:
Play games:
  • Eye spy
  • Colour matching games – I ask Emmy to spot something red and when she does she needs to tell me what it is
  • How many people will get off at this stop – this is a game we play where I ask Emmy “how many people will get off the train at this station” – we then try to count the number of passengers and then she guesses how many will get off – this is rather difficult in rush hour however it helps to encourage her counting skills
  • Bingo – this is a game Kel (Writings Ramblings and Reviews) suggested – a little pre planning is involved but they children need to check off items on their Bingo card as they spot them out of the window, or even on the train.  You could make this as easy or as hard as you like and you don’t have to be very artistic to do this one
    Drawing or colouring
    • No child is ever too young or too old to enjoy colouring – ensure you have a pad or colouring /activity book, a selection of pens and pencils (a stocked pencil case is a great idea as they may roll around on the train otherwise.
      Doodle pads, dot to dots and word searches are good for older children
    • Pippa (Red Rose Mummy) suggests asking the staff too as you may find they have activity sheets/packs available for you.
    • They are a captive audience with no excuses and no getting away!
    • Pack small snacks which can be eaten gradually – you won’t want to only bring one sandwich and that be eaten in the first 10 minutes.  Why not pack a lunch box and include lots of little things?  a sandwich can be cut into 4 which can be fed to then a little at a time.
      Grapes in a little container
      Little boxes of raisins
      a cut up apple
    • Don’t forget a drink – they will get very thirsty on the train especially if it’s warm

    I do limit my children’s screen time however we do pack Emmy’s Leap pad 2 and Harry’s Innotab2 when we go on long journeys, along with their earphones.  They each have their favourite music on them, a few games and a few TV programmes – these we find are a godsend especially when they are tired at the end of the day.

    They do also like to watch YouTube if especially tired – Harry will instantly calm down if ITNG or Paw Patrol is played for him.

    Pre-booking train tickets also takes away a lot of the hassle when travelling, especially with children and it works out cheaper too – always handy when you head out with children, but I usually find the money saved is spent on a souvenir for them instead!  First Hull Trains have further ideas for keeping children entertained on their journeys.

    How do you keep your children from getting bored on long train journeys?

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