Top tips for surviving a December Birthday

You only have one birthday a year right?

Well unless your the Queen you do!
But what happens if your birthday falls in December?
It’s not exactly your fault is it?
Your not to blame that for everyone it is the most expensive time of the year, are you?
If anyone is to blame it’s your parents!!

Now they may not have exactly planned your birthday being in December which is busy enough already without a birthday too but hey…you can’t help that can you?
Have you guessed by now my birthday is in December.  The 21st of December,  4 days before Christmas. .Yikes, it’s never an easy time of year.
Here are a few pointers to help others through December birthdays unscathed:
  • Never EVER buy a card that says “For a Christmas birthday”
A card I received last year

Why do those even exist? It’s not like you don’t know your birthday is at Christmas?  You don’t see ” For an Easter birthday” card do you? Or “For a July birthday”. There is NO need to bring Christmas up on a birthday (unless your birthday is Christmas day like my Cousin’s then I can’t help there).
  • DON’T give a joint birthday and Christmas gift please.  

Yes money is short at Christmas but here’s an idea, buy a gift in the January sales and put it away? Or hey why not buy one in June/July ready. Or make something? 

I’m not saying you have to even buy a gift but if you do don’t do joint presents. Would you be happy if for your birthday in May I gave you your birthday/Christmas present? Honestly?
Of course not, by Christmas you would have forgotten. Just because birthdays are in December doesn’t mean they cant be celebrated separately from Christmas.
  •  Don’t try to organise a birthday party the week before Christmas and be sad no one can come.
Of course they can’t.  Why not hold off and have it in January so you’ve something to look forward to.
  • Organisation is the key.
Ask the parents what they are buying for Birthdays and Christmas to make sure gifts aren’t duplicated. (For children not adults)
If in doubt vouchers are perfect or books/clothes.
  •  Make time to see the birthday boy or girl.
You may be busy getting the final preparations ready but half an hour won’t hurt you. They’ve waited all year for this birthday,  let them enjoy it!
Simple tips really but once that hopefully help deal with the festive birthdays.

4 thoughts on “Top tips for surviving a December Birthday

  1. Aw. My best friend's birthday is on Christmas day, and her family decided long ago to put Christmas off for a day so she could have the day for herself. I think it's so important to do this, as it really is not fair to have to share.

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