Touched by a princess – A letter to Matilda Mae

Darling Princess
I’m so sorry
You will always and forever be in my heart
Your Mummy and Daddy always in my thoughts
Your funny Brother will drive a train and the Choo Choo sound will be your name
Your beautiful amazing Sister will sing a song which will reach up to you.
We blow bubbles upwards to you – we hope that you see
You will never ever be forgotten
I promise you that!
Matilda Mae
How I wish things were different
How I wish I knew what to say
It’s incredibly hard to believe you gained your wings almost a year ago now
I will never forget
We will blow your bubbles
We will say your name
We will wear our Pink and Purple for you
We will do our best and be there for your Mummy
I promise you I will do my best to raise lots of money when I jump from that plane
I will not be scared
I will smile and say your name
Matilda Mae
You are truly loved and greatly missed by all
A real princess who touched us all


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