Traffic Light French Bread Pizza

Emmy was asking for pizza for lunch today however we didn’t have any so we made some – a very quick and easy pizza in less than 10 minutes.

What we used:
French Bread
Tomatoe Puree
Cheese (grated)
Green Peppers

We started by cutting our french bread in half and spreading a thin layer of tomato puree over, Emmy then topped with cheese.

We chatted about colours of traffic lights and foods which were the same colour which Emmy enjoyed.  She then helped chop some green peppers and added them to one side of the pizza, she added a slice of pepperoni to the other end and sprinkled sweetcorn in the middle.

We popped this into the oven for 7-8 minutes and it was then ready to eat.  Very quick and easy pizza.

Traffic Light French Bread Pizza

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