Treefire – Review

Rooting through Emmy’s wardroom and you can imagine what it looks like I’m sure – pink, purple, flowers and Tutu’s.  You probably know Emmy well enough by now to know she is a girlie girl.  Her favourite outfits include her red and black Tutu, pretty party dresses and her black patent flashing shoes.

Now I love the fact she likes to dress up, has started to want her hair to be ‘beautiful’ – her words not mine, and that she hates trousers mostly – but it does not bode well for pre-school.  I refuse to send her to pre-school in dresses or her Tutu as they just aren’t practical and I do not want them ruined – so for this reason she has a draw of clothes which are dedicated to school.  They are mostly old clothes, which she hates wearing as they are “boring and not pink” (yes she is a stroppy 3 year old I freely admit!)

Recently she was sent a T-shirt from Treefire which is a little different from the norm of her clothes, it doesn’t have Peppa Pig on it, nor Dora, Lola or Holly but she loves it just the same.

This is a close up of the design

The T-shirt design is called Omini. In a lovely pink and light blue pattern it is a funky flower type design on a dark blue shirt.

It is printed on 100% organic cotton and washes up beautifully and I haven’t needed to iron this T-shirt which is always a bonus in my eyes.  I have washed Emmy’s around 10 times now and it hasn’t faded and the colours haven’t run.

This T-shirt is created as part of the Fair Wear Foundation which supports ethical trade and justice for the workers.  Retailing at £14.99 it is a new favourite of Emmy’s pre-school collection.

Treefire also sell tops for women and men as well as funky and quirky wall prints.  You can see their full range on their website and they can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Omini T-Shirt by Treefire
As you can see – everything needs teaming with a Tutu!

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