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I’ll give you an insight into my nights, an average evening consists of me finally getting Emmy settled into bed asleep around 7.30pm, then feeding 13 week old Harry who if I’m lucky will fall asleep allowing me to get the laptop out to do some work however in reality it actually results in me cuddling him to sleep and having to cuddle him while balancing the laptop on the arm of the sofa to get anything done.

Emmy generally wakes at least once before I’ve gotten into bed (she co-sleeps with me at the moment and has done since I came home from hospital with Harry, I’ll tackle this problem when Harry is in his own room and I have some energy left at the end of the day). I try to head to bed by 11pm, when Harry needs feeding again. He generally sleeps in his moses basket next to me and still wakes twice for a night feed.  Although last night he woke 5 times.

All this nocturnal activity results in a very tired looking person with dark circles and puffy eyes staring back at me in the mirror.  I’m bearly recognisable some mornings before slapping on my make-up to hide the tell-tale signs of a hard nights work being a loving Mum.

I’ve been using Tropic Refresh Roll-On for 2 weeks now and it really is helping with the puffy eyes and dark circles.

Tropic Refresh roll-on for eyes comes in a 15ml roll-on bottle and is a herbal gel containing Arnica, Eyebright and Ginseng.  Other ingredients include Aloe-Vera juice, Cucumber juice, Vitamin C, Green Coffee, White Tea and Camomile to name but a few, all of which are known for their healing and health benefits.

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The Ginseng helps to de-crinkle, Eyebright to de-puff, Arnica to de-shadow and Cucumber to refresh – I won’t pretend to know what is working however my eyes are definitely less puffy, have lost the horrid dark circles caused by too many sleepless nights and the gel is VERY refreshing first thing in the morning and I now keep this in my purse as a go to when I start to flag throughout the day, it helps to refresh making me feel a little more alert, which is needed as Emmy does not nap so I need to keep going, alongside a strong coffee or an ice-cold drink I can perk myself up when flagging.

The tip/ball is made of stainless steel which helps to massage eye area and helps to keep the gel nice and cool, and is great if put in the fridge over night to chill it making a nice refreshing start to the day.

The gel is clear, glides on and dries very quickly without leaving a wet sticky mess.  It is alcohol-free so does not sting as many eye creams and gels do and isn’t tested on animals either.

Costing £15 this is an affordable so to item which I love and will be stocking up on.

To find out more about Tropic Skin Care please visit the website: or you can follow on Facebook and Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Tropic Skin Care Eye Refresh – review

  1. Hi, I don’t know if you can help me. I got the roll on and it doesn’t seem to be dispensing any product. I have another one from the body shop and when I roll it is obvious the product is coming out. I roll it in my hand and I can see it getting wet with the product, but when I do the same with the tropic one my hand doesn’t get wet or anything. Is this normal?

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