Trying to boost my energy levels

As a Mum to two young children I often find myself running on empty, fuelled by coffee and reaching for the chocolate to just keep me going long enough until they are in bed again, it’s a completely new kind of exhaustion, one which I am not happy with and one I currently see no way out of.
As a parent you expect the non sleeping, as lets face it, newborns and babies don’t sleep through the night, well unless you are VERY lucky that is.  I was actually lucky with Emmy as she did sleep through from 10 weeks of age going from around 8pm until 6.45/7am – I know, I can hear you cursing me already BUT as is often the case; no two children are the same and along came Harry who had silent reflux from very early on, who screamed constantly and would NOT sleep unless being held upright.  I ended up moving into Emmy’s bedroom with him and into her single bed while she slept with Daddy in my room, this meant I could sleep sitting up with the bed-guard on and him propped on my chest without disturbing Paul or Emmy.  This lasted until he was around 9 months old.
At this point he was weaned and grew out of the reflux and started sleeping a lot more so was moved into his own room – Emmy went back into her own room and then stopped sleeping through.  It would be a case of putting her back to bed around 10 times a night.  Fast forward to now and nothing has changed!  Infact since last year when the children lost their Nanny, Emmy’s sleeping has gotten worse and I have to admit now that I am at breaking point and the exhaustion is taking its toll on my health.
For the past month I have been working alongside Healthspan to at least try to combat my fatigue and tiredness – sadly they’ve not sent me on a retreat and let me sleep for an entire week but have sent me a months worth of Energex Plus to see if they can boost my energy levels, so while these won’t deal with my 6 year olds sleeping issues they can help me to hopefully have the energy last through the day and stop my need for vats of coffee.
Week 1:
I’ve been tallying my sleep for an average week, thankfully I have a fitness band which tracks my sleep and its horrified me so much that I have now taken this off.  It would seem that on an average night I am getting around 4 hours of broken sleep a night
This was the most sleep I had had for that week, the 45 minutes were where I had to keep resettling Emmy to sleep and I then gave up around 4am and slept in her bed with her as I was far too tired to move.
The bags under my eyes are visible, I am cranky and shouting a lot.  I’ve deadline to meet so for at least 3 nights this week I am up working until midnight.  I am finding that I am really sluggish around 1pm and have used this time when Harry is at home to snuggle on the sofa with him after lunch and grab a quick 10 minute capnap when he falls asleep, he doesn’t often sleep in the day anymore but I’ve used the opportunity to catch a little sleep myself.
Week 2:
Sleeping in the house is still the same, and to boot Harry is feeling under the weather so he is waking up in the night too. 
I’m completely done in at the moment and have upped my Energex Plus tablets to 2 now (you can take 1 or 2 tablets with water at a time, with no more than 6 to be consumed within a day).  I’ve swapped my second morning coffee with fresh juice as I actually think the caffeine rush wasn’t helping and masking my tiredness an I have also upped my water intake this week.
I’ve deadlines again this week and found myself up 3 nights again working until just after midnight BUT I did give myself a complete night off and went to bed at 8.30pm and Paul took over the putting the children back to bed if they woke and I then carried on the nightshift once he was asleep (there is no waking him once he is asleep).
Week 3:
I had a lie-in this weekend to try to catch up on my broken sleep, Paul took the children downstairs and they weren’t allowed to wake me – this is now a regular weekend routine which has been introduced after me bursting into tears as I was just so tired, Paul has a lie-in on Saturdays and I now do on Sundays.
I’ve noticed I am reaching less for chocolate this week and I’ve consumed a lot less coffee too, actually only having one in the morning.
Working and sleeping are still the same this week – I honestly don’t think they will change for a while but I haven’t catnapped on the sofa with Harry, infact I actually drafted two blog posts on my tablet while he slept on me – this meant I only needed to switch on my laptop to edit the photographs for the post and add in the links needed so I could switch it off again in less than 45 minutes and went to bed early.
Week 4:
The children are back at school now and I should be working hard to catch up on work while they are out of the house but I have actually been doing jobs around the house which have needed doing for a while, I’ve changed all the beds and hovered the mattresses and flipped them, washed all the towels and put on the line – It has to be done when the weather is nice, don’t get me wrong thy are washed and changed regularly but when the sun shines they all go in at the same time, as I can’t bear them hanging over the doors to dry.
I have also spent 2 and a half hours sorting through the children’s wardrobes to remove all the clothes which no longer fit and replacing Harry’s with the next size (he was kindly given clothes to fit him until the age of 7 by friends).
So in conclusion, I have noticed my energy levels are definitely up since starting taking these herbal tablets.  I won’t say that that is purely down to these though but it is defiantly a combination of factors including getting a couple of early nights, drinking more water and cutting back on the junk food. 
While I do eat a good and varied diet I know I don’t get enough of my 5 a day, infact I never have 5 a day so I know my body is missing out on some of the nutrients it does need – these tablets contain all of the B vitamins as well as a blend of guarana, panax ginseng and amino acids
Disclaimer:  I was sent a months supply of the above tablets by Healthspan in exchange for my honest opinions, all thoughts are my own.

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10 thoughts on “Trying to boost my energy levels

  1. Good to hear your energy levels are up although I'm sure as you say it's a combination of many factors. Getting a little more sleep always makes a difference for me (when it's possible!) and I do try and drink water but often forget. Apparently coffee doesn't count!

  2. I think if I had one of those sleep things I'd be horrfied to see how little I actually get as well. My lack of sleep isn't down to kids though, it's down to having a bad back and having to change position numerous times because of the pain. I can't remember what it's like not to be tired!

  3. I have had no end of sleep issues the past few years, mainly due to the fact I used to work until 3/4am most nights and get up at 7am. Recently I've boosted my water intake and this seems to help no end! x

  4. I agree that it is wise to take care of yourself but also I accept that fatigue is part and parcel of being a parent in the early years and I am not sure there is any getting around that fact! I am glad that your energy levels are increasing and we are enjoying the nights getting a bit lighter now as we go into summer so that all helps too!

  5. I'm glad things have improved for you, I do find that a good diet and plenty of fresh air helps when you are not getting enough sleep, sadly you are usually too tired for this and if you are like me you stock up on coffee and chocolate which just make you feel worse.

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