Trying to maintain that work/home balance

I mentioned right at the turn of the year that I was intent on fixing my work/home life balance.
As a WAHM it is very hard to get any work other than housework done during the day, I’ve an active toddler quite rightly wanting my attention so can’t be sitting on the laptop during the day. This means all actual work is done on the evenings once the kids are in bed.
Now last year often saw me up working until the early hours of the morning getting everything finished. This is no good for me, my kids or my marriage and needed addressing.
This year I’ve have still been working in the evenings but I seem to be managing a little better through my ability to switch off and to say NO!
Often flattered by the opportunities this blog provides I don’t like to say no but it was actually doing me more harm than good.
Over the past 2 weeks I’ve changed my mindset.  I’m still behind on my work but I’m realising that sitting up all night doing it doesn’t help my productivity,  I make mistakes, get distracted and then stressed.
If I’m too tired I’m going to bed or for a bath or even to watch a movie, to unwind and relax.  This means I’m actually more productive the following evening and more gets done.
Until Harry starts Pre-School my working hours will remain evenings but I’m cutting back, or at least I plan too.
It seems I’m not alone infact, many I speak to are trying this and not just my blogging friends.  My office working friends too.
It seems 4 day working weeks are becoming more popular and more in demand and I honestly can’t blame them.
I know I’m getting more done strangely so stepping back a little, it opens up more time for other things.
In Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark they are actually the closest to making this 4 day working week a reality.

More than half of UK adults support the notion of a four-day week, with 71% believing it would make them happier. Not surprisingly, 42% of American workers say they would be prepared to sacrifice a proportion of their salary for reduced working hours.

There is a detailed infographic over on the GoToMeeting blog which details the pros and cons of a four day working week.  

With some pros including a 50% increase in family time, health benefits and reduced stress but would these outweigh longer working days on those 4 working days with childcare issues and a reduction in pay?

I guess only you could decide if it was for you or not – I’m all for it but then my job is much different and I have the luxury of no childcare problems.

Are you looking to decrease your work load too and are you secretly hoping for a 4 day working week?
“This is a collaborative post”

18 thoughts on “Trying to maintain that work/home balance

  1. I can't see a 4 day week working here although i do feel sorry for staff working where hubby does as they won't offer them full time contracts anymore (apart from the managers). Many top up their hours with overtime which is now being cut too

  2. Hi there. What a thought provoking post. My cousin works longer days for four days so that she days five in four, and so does her husband. Different days so for two days a week they are at home to look after the kids, and only have to do childcare on three out of five. Seems to work very well. When I tried three working days before I starting blogging, it was a disaster…five in three! 😉

  3. well done, I am finding it easier to switch off the laptop in the evenings now. Last year I was doing too much teaching and managing the blog. I love that I now freelance and work when I want.

  4. Oh it is hard isnt it- I used to be OK when Syd napped, but now that is stopped I really struggle. He gets bored of me being on the laptop very quickly, and having two older ones mean I wouldnt get a chance to do much in the evenings either. Luckily he is at pre-school 3 mornings and I tend to utilise that time for blogging for now!

  5. I need to find a better balance I work every night, every morning at breakfast and through any naps she has. I have no time when I am not working or looking after Baby. I would quite like to read a book! x

  6. I have found it near impossible to juggle work, being a single parent looking after two young children and doing all of the housework/meals, etc. Since my daughter started her 15 hours in Nursery this January, I have had a few hours where I have left all of the housework and done as much blogging/work as I can.

  7. I must admit that since I started working part time my work / life balance has greatly improved – but then I took on another, additional role which has skewed things slightly. I can cope with that though as the balance is considerably better than it was and I get so spend lots more time with my little ones x

  8. This sounds like me!! I hate feeling I have to do housework when I could be working. I am looking forward to my youngest starting pre-school – just for a few hours a week – so I can get my work done, although I will miss him.

  9. I used to work a 4 day week and then we bought a house so I had to go back full time. Now in a company that I feel would laugh at me if I asked for a drop in hours but if it comes to being able to, I wouldn't hesitate to ask! At the moment we need my full time salary but I dream of being able to drop a day sometime!

  10. Good for you. My home life is always so much better when I get the balance right. It is super important for me to be with my family making memories. Things will change with you once H goes to preschool. Seriously it will be life changing

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