Tumbling through life – what’s the best dryer for you?

The great British weather can make it almost impossible to be
able to dry clothes consistently outside, making it impractical to have clothes
constantly drying on radiators all day every day. The obvious solution would be
for everyone to invest in tumble dryers, so before
you start shopping you’ll need to decide which type will best suit your
There are two main kinds of tumble dryers, called Vented or
Condenser. Vented dryers need to be placed against an outside wall or near a
window, as they rely on a hose to lead outside to expel steam and vapours from
the drying process. Condenser dryers can be placed anywhere in the home, and
convert this steam into water which is collected in a tank and can be removed
easily by hand when full. Some Condensers can also be hooked up to your
plumbing, taking this water away in the pipes.
This guide will be able to assist you with making the correct
purchase to best fit your kind of home and lifestyle:
Rented home:
You will need to arrange with your landlord what type of
dryer you can have, if there is not already one provided or if theirs breaks
down. A Condenser dryer would be more ideal when space is an issue, rather than
drilling a hole through a wall of rented accommodation, since they don’t need a
hose leading outside to work like Vented machines do. This will ensure cold
air doesn’t leak in to the home during winter, helping with heating bills if
money is a bit tight.
First home:
A popular choice for first homes is to have in-built
facilities in the kitchen or utility room for your laundry machines. Tumble
dryers can either be Vented or Condensed, but usually of the Compact dryer
variety to fit inside cupboards better. These have a smaller drum size so are
ideal for one or two people’s worth of clothes drying.
Family home:
However, with a busy family producing a lot of washing,
especially with babies and small children, a larger drum size of a Standard
model would be more ideal, since these are quicker and more energy efficient
than a smaller Compact dryer. Condensers are quieter than Vented, and can be
moved around more easily to make space. Tumble drying clothes will reduce the
need for ironing, ensuring you don’t get stuck behind mounds of laundry, so you
can spend more time with your family.

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