Turkey, the perfect family holiday destination

has long been a popular holiday destination and the country attracts
around 35 million visitors per year. Many of these visitors are
families who arrive for a week or two to enjoy all that this diverse
country has to offer.
no doubt that the year round sunshine and beautiful beaches are major
reasons for the country’s continual holiday destination popularity.
Resorts such as Marmaris, Olu Deniz and Lara Beach draw visitors back
every year due to the sheer beauty of the beaches and the
Mediterranean climate in which to enjoy them. For families there’s
something new to do and see every day, whether it’s having fun in
the warm sea waters, enjoying the water parks or exploring the
ancient ruins.
for your money
of the major plus points of a holiday to Turkey is that your finances
will stretch further. Many families choose all inclusive holidays
meaning accommodation, meals and drinks are included in the booking
you combine all inclusive deals with
the many last minute holidays to Turkey deals then you can make
significant savings. Once you’re actually in Turkey you’ll find
that the prices for shopping, restaurants and activities are
extremely low compared to other European destinations.
for families
an overwhelming yes to the question of whether Turkey is a good
holiday destination for families. The country is a favourite with
British holidaymakers, especially resorts such as Marmaris, which is
geared towards families and offers beaches, water parks and a
diversity of restaurants.
Antalya region is another family favourite with 400 miles of white
sand beaches as well as being and excellent locations for those who
wish to explore Turkey’s historical side. Bodrum on the southern
coast offers many buzzing resorts but also a number of more secluded
beaches with shallow waters; perfect for a relaxing family day at the
Castle image by Yilmaz
shared under a Creative Commons Licence
cultural Turkey
is a huge amount of historical
sites in Turkey that
make for an ideal day out with a difference. No matter where you are
located you’re not too far from a castle, museum, temple or ruined
Roman theatre.
you’re holidaying in Bodrum you can explore the 15th century
castle, the amazing Museum of Underwater Archaeology and the Antique
Theatre. Head to Derinkuyu to the underground city, which dates back
to 300AD or step back further in time to 100AD by exploring the
beautifully preserved Aspendos Roman theatre in Antalya.
sports are part of the holiday fun in Turkey thanks to the year round
warm , with the temperature usually creeping towards 30C from the end
of April.
of the resorts will have a range of water sports available including
jet-skiing, wake boarding, canoeing and parasailing. Scuba diving
makes for a great day out and there are plenty of diving schools in
resorts such as Marmaris. Leaners can be trained at the many secluded
bays until they are confident enough to proceed to dive excursions
accompanied by qualified instructors.
you’re still considering your next family holiday then Turkey
should definitely be on your potential destinations list. The weather
is guaranteed not to let you down from April through to October and
the diversity of this country means you will never be at a loss for
new, daily activities and sightseeing options.
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  1. I've never been to Turkey but I would love to go there some day, just need to get over my fear of flying!

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