Two weeks on – adjusting to life with 2

Time fly’s when your having fun doesn’t it?  Well I’m having the time of my life and am now enjoying every minute of it, and trying not to waste a second with my 2 beautiful children.

Adjusting to 2 children was always going to take a little while, Emmy has had my sole attention for so long that there was to be some major adjusting and adjustments to make, which we have. 

Having spent a whole week earlier this year getting Emmy to sleep back in her own bed, she is now back in my bed as is Harry – I’m co-sleeping with them both, but that’s OK with me.  Emmy wants to bed close to Mummy and her Brother and Daddy gets the princess bed in Emmy’s room (we only want 2 children anyway hehe), when Harry goes int his own room then I’ll get Emmy back into hers but she would feel she is missing out on something if I did it before so why bother?

I’m recovering so much faster this time around, I’m not supposed to but have managed to carry Emmy without causing myself damage (I’m trying hard not to but try telling a 2 year old Mummy can’t pick you up when you fall and hurt yourself, it’s too hard), I’ve also managed to Hoover today, something post c-section last time around I didn’t dare do until at least 4.5 weeks on.  I’m in very little discomfort now but am shattered….they are taking it in turns to tag team me during the night – one goes to sleep after a feed for the other to wake for a wee, snack, cuddle or dummy (any excuse she can think of generally).

Harry still likes to be carried all day and sleep on my arm all night but I don’t mind at all, although for the last few days I’ve managed to get him to have a long nap in his car seat or moses basket after a bottle.  I’ve introduced a bottle of expressed milk as Harry has oral thrush at the moment which is passing back and forth between his mouth and my nipples – so we are both undergoing treatment, this has left me so sore I have taken to expressing and bottle feeding in the hopes we will both recover faster.  If anyone has any recommendations for a very good pump I would most appreciate it – mine works but takes a long time and isn’t great.

Emmy adores her little brother and the first thing she does when she wakes up is ask to cuddle him.  She went through a faze of hitting him when I was feeding him but that has stopped and she now breast feeds her dolly at the same time.

We haven’t been discharged from the Midwives yet as Harry is still Jaundice so on Tuesday we are heading to the Neonatal Unit to get some bloods taken from him – I’m sure all is OK though as it’s definitely not as bad as it was last week and it now only his cheeks and whites of his eyes.

We are slowly getting a routine going and then I maybe able to catch up with things I need to do – I do apologise as I know I’m behind on some reviews I need to do, normality WILL return soon, but for now I’m enjoying muddling along slowly adjusting and enjoying my 16 day old son and his beautiful sister (so I’m hoping I’m forgiven).

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8 thoughts on “Two weeks on – adjusting to life with 2

  1. Enjoy every second with your two. It takes a little adjustment, doesn't it? We are now 2 months in of life with two and loving every minute but it is hard work. Try to take it as easy as you can and remember you need to rest too. As far as pumps are concerned I think the Medela is the best ranked. I never needed to use one, thank goodness, but everyone says that you won't get a lot pumping and to just keep at it.

    1. It's surprising how much harder the jump from 1-2 actually is…I didn't expect it to be if I'm honest!
      Getting there now 🙂 Emmy loves him so that is a great help and so lovely to see.
      Glad your getting on well too 🙂 x

  2. What gorgeous photos! Glad to hear you are enjoying your precious new bundle so much. Hope the expressing gets sorted out. I never got on well with expressing with my first two but am hoping to try again with my third – i've been sent a nuby pump to try out so it will be interesting to see how i get on with it this time round. Hard to get much sunlight on them at the moment isn't it – my baby girl was jaundiced for ages too. loved seeing those piccies. x

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