Unibond Humidity Absorber Review

Emmys Mummy

I was quite shocked to read that the average UK household produces around 12 litres of unwanted humidity per day, although looking through my double glazing I’m not sure why I am surprised – In many of our rooms the glass is in need of replacing as their is condensation between the panes, not a good look but never high enough up the to-do-list to actually be done (not to mention expensive too!)

UniBond are launching their new Humidity
Absorbers and we were sent a large unit to try out at home.  These retail at £19.99 and come with the Unit (seen above in the picture) as well as 2 Power Tabs.  The Power Tab is inserted into the top of this unit and then placed into the room of your choice, there is an anti-spill system and security clip which secures this all into place.  Unsure where to put this I chose the front room so I could ‘watch’ it working so to speak. 

Well watching it work became rather dull I’m afraid, I checked on it every hour for the first day then kind of forgot about it – Whoops, well it doesn’t make a sound, takes time to collect the moisture and works in the background really; so watching it really is as fun as watching pint dry.  You really don’t know it’s doing anything until one day you check and there is blue water collected in the bottom of the unit.

Emmys Mummy

The picture above shows the amount of moisture collected from my front room over a period of 10 days, I emptied it down the toilet as suggested although you really don’t need to do this until it is full, I just don’t trust my daughter not to try to play with it.  There is a stopper you pull out at the side to allow the water to be poured out easily.

Unibond Humidity Absorber - Emmys Mummy

This is the Power Tab after 10 days – the humidity has been sucked in through the unit and is absorbed into the Power Tab, which results in the liquid in the bottom of the unit.  The Power Tab will last for 6 – 8 weeks and will also help to neutralise bad odours as well as drawing the excess humidity from the air.

I have now moved this unit into Emmy’s bedroom as if we have the heating on in there (not this week as it’s boiling) and the windows shut there is often lots of condensation on the inside of her windows (the radiator is under her window) resulting in me having the leave one window open slightly when we are at home.

The large device pack, which includes two 450g Power Tabs, is
ideal for 20m2 rooms, such as kitchens and living rooms. The smaller device
works for rooms that are up to 10m2 and comes with two 300g Power Tabs.

The Humidity Absorbers and Power Tab refills are available from all
leading home stores and supermarkets.

UniBond Humidity Absorber, Large £19.99

UniBond Humidity Absorber, Small

Large Refill (Two 450g Power Tabs) £9.99

Small Refill
(Two 300g Power Tabs) £7.99

For further information please visit: www.isyourhomeasponge.com

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  1. Hi Clare
    For anyone wanting to control humidity, you can get dehumidifiers pretty easily and cheaply that will do a good job. They don’t cost too much to run, and will control the humidity levels to whatever setting you want.

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