Unique Beds for Children’s Bedrooms

Even when we’re young, we learn to appreciate our own space. While it may initially seem like a minor thing, a child’s bedroom actually plays an important part in the development of their personality as they grow up. By helping them turn their own creative ideas into a reality, we can inspire them which should always be encouraged.


Bunk Beds

The classic bunk bed is a staple of many siblings’ bedrooms around the world. These days there are a ton of options available to you, all varying in styles. Not only is it perfect for those who are short on space, but many children actually enjoy sharing a room with their siblings early on, Emmy and Harry are both desperate to share a room so we have been thinking (and planning) of keeping their rooms as they are and then turning the spare room into a shared room with our uncle making them a customised bunk beds to make the most of the space available in that room, it’s rather handy having a carpenter in the family – he customised all the shelves and units in Harry’s current room when it belonged to Paul’s brother many years ago.


Once they start to grow up and reach school age, and especially when they become teenagers, they’ll likely develop
their own interests and value their privacy more. Certain child psychologists also believe that sharing a room as children could improve the bond between siblings as they grow up.

Mid and High Sleepers

If there’s one thing kids with bunk beds always argue about, though it’s who gets the top bunk. Just why they so attracted to sleeping up high I’m not sure, but thankfully there’s now a wide range of mid and high sleeper solutions for children with their own room. Many of these make great use of the space underneath them, either by
incorporating a desk that the child can use to do their homework on or by tapping into a child’s fantasy
with different themes. Children seem to love the idea of camping, so it’s no surprise that high-top beds like those found here which mimic the illusion of sleeping in a tent are so popular.

Themed Beds

Finally, themed beds, like racing cars, are another popular choice, especially since the release of Pixar’s recent Cars movies. You can find everything from relatively basic examples to fully decked out, customised options. Don’t get the idea that these kinds of options are limited to just cars though, I’m sure you all seen those designed to look like the carriage from Cinderella. These kinds of designs are a great way to encourage your child’s creativity, as it acts as the
center stage in their playroom.
Harry really loved his Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed, so much that when he outgrew his bed and we upgraded to a single bed I kept the headboard of this Thomas bed and using No More Nails glued it to his bedroom wall to create a custom headboard for his new bed – of course there will come a time when he no longer likes Thomas and with it now being stuck to the wall it could cause problems later on, however I have already thought ahead and plan to paint over it in a plain colour when that time comes.


For more great ideas for kids beds, check out this post from my kid needs that.



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