Unique Christmas Decorating Ideas from Houzz

The Christmas season is here with us and if you habitually celebrate the special accession, it’s time you start the preparations. You need to decorate your home with things that give meaning to the season. Your decors should also add warmth to your home and inspire your household. There are Christmas decors that you can buy and others that are DIY.

If you don’t know where to start, here are 8 unique ideas from Houzz that you should consider:

Mini Advent Village

This idea features a collection of small boxes that you can buy in any craft store. The boxes are filled with amazing treasures that everyone at home will love when it comes to Christmas day. You are required to introduce at least a treasure every single day as you count the remaining days to Christmas.

DIY Fresh Wreath

This is one of the cheapest Christmas décors that you can make on your own. You need to get fresh branches, flowers, and a circular ring. You are required to twine the branches and the flowers along the ring. This Christmas wreath is best placed on your door, more so the external of your main entrance. You’ll need to make it a day or two before 25th December to appear fresh on.

Paper Advent Garland

This is a DIY project that requires you to tie small polythene bags that hold little gifts or snacks. You need to tie the bags with a colourful ribbon on branches of a Christmas tree. It’s a nice way to excite your kids, especially if you decide to put chocolate in the plastic bags. To make the branches more colourful, you can paint them.

Hand-Painted Wood Ornament

This handcraft features a painted wood board with star-shaped or tree patterns. The craft comes in amazing colours and sizes and you can position it anywhere within the house. What’s important is that you get the ornament that suits the style of your home. Use this $30 off Houzz coupon to get the hand-painted wood ornament.

Customized Wrappers

Who said that you have to think hard to appear unique? With this Christmas décor idea, you don’t have to worry about where you’ll get the material or how you’ll use the items. Besides, it’s a very cheap project. All you need are wrapping papers that you attach images. Just like that and you have customized wrappers!

Rustic Hanging Calendar

Your wall could do with a little decoration. If you know how to stitch, this DIY project will be easier for you. You need to get a plain piece of cloth and stitch the December dates on it. When you get to date 25, you have to make it bolder and more colourful. You can even paint it instead of stitching. The rustic calendar is hung by the wall.

Christmas Card Pinboard

Instead of throwing your Christmas card in the drawers or in boxes that you may never remember to open, you should pin them on a soft board. You’ll create a unique piece of art if you do so. You’ll need to pin the cards creatively so that you can form a pattern that directly relates to Christmas.

Teacup Candles

Lastly, you can either buy ready-made teacup candles or make your own. If you decide on the latter, you’ll need to buy a few items such as wax flakes, essential oils, and wicks online or from your local store. The candles are prepared similarly to other candles, only that you have the freedom to customize them.

Let this Christmas be special with the above decoration ideas. You don’t have to copy everything—just what appears unique to you. This will ensure that you home get an upgrade that it has never received in any Christmas season.

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