Upcycling – From T-Shirt to Bag

Last week I was faced with a dilemma, my t-shirts arrived from my sponsor Kiddy to wear to Britmums however they were on the tight side and not very comfortable (I had just given up breast feeding which had something to do with it).

So what do I do when presented with 2 t-shirts which I had promised to wear but can’t…..easy I made them into a bag and here is how:

What I used:
2 polo shirts
needle & cotton
Old belt
Ring from an old bag

I started by drawing myself a bag template from paper, folding it in half to ensure both sides were equal.
I then cut out 2 of these shapes from one of the polo shirts, making them a little bigger than the template.
From the other t-shirt I cut 2 long strips which were to be the base and side of the bag.
Next I pinned the bottom of the bag to the top and using the bag shape sewed all the way around.
This was repeated on the other side so now both sides of the bag are attached (It is roughly stitched as down by hand however this doesn’t matter as the sewing is in the inside).
The other long strip I cut in two and attached in the same way as the bottom only this time to the sides.
I sewed an old bag ring to the top of one side and sewed an old belt to the other, the end of the belt I then hooped through the ring and sewed into place.
Here is the finished bag:

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