Upcycling project – From old top of mine to a dress for Emmy

Clearing through my wardrobe recently I found one of my old going out tops from my teenage slim years, a low cut top with a see-through body.  Now even if I ever lost enough weight to fit into it again there is NO way I will e seen dead in a see-through top, especially after 2 children and 2 c-sections.

So instead of throwing into the charity bag with the others I decided to make Emmy a dress.  Now it’s only a rough sewing job as I don’t have a sewing machine and Emmy was ‘helping’ but Emmy loves it so that’s all that matters.

From this:

To This

I started by unpinning the bust area to make a flat front to the dress, I then washed and ironed to remove the shape of the old top.
Next, I turned inside out and pinning the sides in about 3 inches on each side and sewing a new seam on each side down from the top right down to the bottom of the top.  I then trimmed along the excess material left at the sides, folded over so one side of the old seam was on the front of the top and the other on the back and sewed along the edges to bind the seam.
I then cut off the original straps and added a cream ribbon to make halterneck style straps.  I cut the bottom into a ‘V’ shape and it was ready for Emmy to wear.
In hindsight a zipped side would be better however as she is skinny and this dress stretchy it is fine to slip over her head – next time I will add a zip.
The sewing isn’t amazing on this however you really can’t see as it’s all on the inside and it’s perfect to a 3 year old! For other projects a sewing machine would be rather handy so I’ve been looking over at grandmalikestosew.com for small machines.
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