Using pallets around the home.

has been a hot topic for a long time now, especially when it comes to
how we live our day to day lives. We’ve made plenty of little
changes that all contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, from
walking and carpooling to using energy-saving light bulbs. Now, we’re
seeing sustainability creeping into to other aspects of life, from
how we work to how we decorate our home.


growing trend in the DIY world is to transform pallets and give them
new, creative uses for storage and more. Not only is this
sustainable, but pallets are both cost-effective and incredible
diverse, as more and more creative homeowners are discovering.

are used for storage in warehouses because their design allows them
to maximise on space. They are made with slats, making them extremely
flexible when it comes to repurposing them for the home. The
possibilities, it seems, are endless. Here are just some of the ways
that you can use pallets for your DIY project.

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can be dismantled and repurposed to make furniture of all kinds. By
taking off one side of the pallet, you easily create a shelf. They
can be transformed into tables, stands and chairs too; they can even
be turned into pet beds with a little bit of work! There’s no need
to worry about getting the right measurements and the right
materials, in fact most of the time a new lick of paint and some
artfully placed cushions is all you need.

course, pallets are also popular for creating more room, especially
in smaller spaces that lack good storage facilities. Pallets can
offer an attractive and effective way to declutter the space and give
the décor a bit of a boost. They’re easy to take apart and put
back together, and they are easy to redecorate; in other words, the
perfect DIY tool.


use of pallets in DIY goes beyond furniture, however. Pallets have
been used to create coat racks, birdhouses, benches, log sheds and
much, much more. There are hundreds of uses for pallets that, in
these more environmentally and financially conscious times, are
making them a top trend in the world of DIY. Really, it’s not hard
to see why.

not flex your creative muscles and invest in some pallets for your
own DIY project? If you’re already an aficionado, then why not
share your ideas with the rest of the world? There are plenty of
online resources that explore creative uses for pallets in DIY
the trend is only going to become more and more popular as time goes


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