Valentines gifts – stepping away from Flowers, Chocolates and Perfume

I’ll be honest with you Chocolates and flowers are nice but they can be a little boring so what if you want to move away from that traditional type of gift?
I’ve been looking around to see just how different you can get gift wise for valentines and boy there are SO many variations of gifts out there advertised as perfect valentines gifts.
I personally LOVE this idea of a Chocolate Ecstasy Tour, and yes I am adding this at the top as a hint to my hubby (take note!!!) 

I know I said I was moving clear of chocolate but this is something completely different,  you join a tour in London and walk around different establishments while getting to taste the best chocolate offerings in all forms imaginable from Bean, to Bar, Truffles and Drinks – what isn’t to love about that?  You will also be learning about the history and traditions surrounding the areas you visit and the food you taste.
You will be on a guided tour which takes around 3 hours and cover around a mile….I’m sure the walking around counteracts the calories consumed, doesn’t it?  With prices starting from £40 this is on my HAVE TO DO VERY SOON list!  and if that wasn’t enough there is also a Coffee and Chocolate tour and an evening tour which adds chocolate cocktail into the mix!
Are you drooling yet? 
What about family fun with Love Bugs? 

These super cute HEXBUG originals which are micro robotic creatures which feel their way around, sensing objects which maybe in their way and avoiding them by using the bump sensor feelers.
You can actually make them change direction too by clapping your hands or making a loud noise – with life like qualities, these are a good alternative to those ‘can I have a pet?’ moments.  Even better id they have an off switch and don’t need feeding!

Unite the family with a few and have a race,  add stickers to the top to keep track on who’s is who’s, OK they won’t keep to a straight line but will still provide great entertainment for all.
Priced at £10.99 the HEXBUG Original is available from all good toy retailers including: Smyths, Toys R Us, Amazon, The Entertainer, John Lewis and Debenhams.
Now with 50 Shades of Grey about to hit the Cinema’s it seems everyone is getting in on the act, you’ve seen subscription boxes for everything recently from Pregnancy to Beauty, Pampering to Foods but have you come across Daring Boxes?

I thought not,  these are sex toy subscription boxes!!

I told you there were lots of variations of gifts out there.
Each box is designed along a different theme and contains 5-7 high quality products for couples to enjoy together such as tingling massage mousse, deliciously perfumed lubricants and oils, skin jewels and vibrators as well as ideas and games to help get imaginations firing.  In homage to the Red Room of Pain in  the ‘50 Shades’ series, the theme for the Valentine’s edition will be ‘Red Room of the Senses’ and will contain a selection of erotic surprises to introduce couples to the art of bondage
If your feeling ‘daring’ these boxes are available to order as a one off or regular subscription and arrive in discreet packaging so the postie won’t be gossiping. 
Now I really think I need to finally get around to reading these books to see what all the fuss is about, I know – late the the party as usual!
If your not feeling that adventurous in the bedroom then how about these rather cute pillow cases from Love Pillow Cases?
With 10 different designs to choose from, my favourite was this one which is actually on my bed currently.
They feature adorable and comical stick figures showing various forms of affection from one case across to the other.
Priced at £16.99 they are a rather cute and long lasting gift.
Now, Paul and I actually don’t do Valentine’s gifts as such.  We generally get a nice bottle of wine or champagne and sit down to a nice home cooked meal.
We make sure the kids are in bed so we don’t have to share our meal and we actually get to eat it while it’s still hot! That never normally happens, well not for me anyway as I tend to the children and mine gets cold.
I usually set the table nicely with candles as they add a nice calming touch and having been sent a lovely Candle Lighter from Zippo,  I’ll not be left hunting for the matches again this year.  It’s also been rather useful for lighting birthday candles over and over (and over and over) again.
This is a very useful gadget to have around the home – it is now homed in my bathroom so I can light my candles for a nice relaxing and restful bath, it is of course kept up high in a cupboard but should the kids get hold of it they wouldn’t be able to light as you need to push up the silver lever on the front, hold this up while pressing the black button on the back – definately not something a child would be able to do easily.
Priced at £13.75 and available in 3 different colours.
Of course we do always send cards and this year Emmy has wanted to write some too – practicing her handwriting without realising it is always a good thing.
She has written Harry a Valentine’s card this year, and even addressed up the envelope ready to post this week – He has written scribbled her one too which is just the cutest thing ever!
They are both loving the very cute pen roll which Stabilo recently sent for them – it comes with 25 different colours in all colours of the rainbow and they are kept together in seperate pouches within a very cute pen roll – this comes in the new festive spirit range which is rather funky I must admit, I wanted to keep this for myself but Emmy had other ideas, and if it encourages her to write more and practice her letter formation who am I to argue?
I just wonder  who the next Valentine’s card written will be to?
Do you buy Valentine’s gifts for each other?
“This is a collaborative post”

20 thoughts on “Valentines gifts – stepping away from Flowers, Chocolates and Perfume

  1. I have gone totally off chocolate and would much prefer the cute pillows. I'm a Valentines day scrooge and put very little effort into it but flowers would be nice too!

  2. great ideas , can i please put my name down for the stabilo pens please? lol thats something i would like but love the pillows too x

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