Vanish bloggers challenge part 1 #Vanish GoldForWhites

A little while ago I was asked to become a Vanish blogger.  Well as a mum of two extremely Messy and Mucky Children it seemed the perfect partnership and one we could really put through its paces.
The children received these adorable White Company teddies to play with as part of this partnership,  aren’t they adorable? 

As any parent knows giving children anything white is usually a big NO NO so when I gave them to the kids at dinnertime they were over the moon…..I wasn’t so much but I had to let them get on with it.

My aim was to see just how messy they could make them.

An easy take for kids really.
Elephant took the brunt and the others have climbed into their beds so I couldn’t let them get dirty.
Ellie appears to like Beans and Bolognese and has been fed on a few occasions.   He has hidden in bushes on a Bear hunt, played in the garden and had picnics and made mud-pies.  After a few days you can imagine the state of him.
I left the dirt, grass-stains and food to dry in for a week and for good measure he has been sitting in the airing cupboard to set the stains, something I would never have dreamed of doing but I wanted to put Vanish Gold properly to the test.
I popped Elephant into the washing machine with no pre -treating at all along with my light washing pile for that day.  Adding an Ariel non-bio capsule into the machine and my usual comfort fabric softener into the drawer. Adding 1 spoonful of Vanish Gold into the drawer and turning onto an eco wash.


When Ellie was removed from the machine all the stains, dirt and smells were gone.
She was as bright and as good as new.. No colour loss, just as bright and as clean as she first was.
I am very impressed.

We were also sent a discoloured Karen Millen shirt to see if we were able to restore it to it’s former glory with the aid of Vanish Gold.

This is the shirt before washing, I would say it was more off a grey colour than a white and between numbers 4 & 5 on the colour guide.

I washed it with a white load, in my usual washing powder on a 40 degree eco wash with a single scoop of vanish.

Once dried this was the result.

With no pre-treating and just a normal wash it restored a little of the colour and was between a 2 & 3 on the colour guide.

After another was doing exactly the same, this was the result:

After 2 washes it was closer to white than it was a grey colour and between a colour 1 & 2.

Vanish Gold says it can help to restore whites up to 3 shades lighter and in this case it worked well for us – definitely useful when you have children around!

Disclaimer:  As a Vanish Blogger we received the above items to try out Vanish Gold for ourselves

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