How Vaping can help you Quit Smoking

It is difficult to quit smoking for several reasons and while addiction to nicotine is a key element, it is by no means the only one.
There is still research being carried out on the effects of vaping but what is clear is that when compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes it is much safer. Therefore, if it can help people to quit smoking, it is definitely worth trying. The NHS includes vaping in their range of smoking cessation treatments and highlights that research has shown it to be very a very effective method. Let’s look at why.


While smoking feeds our addiction, even smokers will admit that the taste and smell of cigarettes is not a pleasant one. Nor is it a positive experience to consider the effects of passive smoking on their friends and loved ones.
Many people who give up smoking say they enjoy the sensation of their sense of smell and taste returning. Vaping can be a positive step in this journey. There are many flavours of e-liquids available and the variety will mean there is something to suit everyone. If you miss the taste of cigarettes, you can even opt for tobacco flavour.
Those people ready to take the step to stop smoking should look at all the alternatives to help them to quit. Vaping is one option and for some people who have found their smoking habit almost impossible to leave behind it has proved a lifeline.
When you look at the medium to long term health prognosis for cigarette smokers, it is clear that every route possible should be explored when it comes to quitting. Not only for those who are addicted to cigarettes but for those who live and work around them.


Nicotine is addictive but with tobacco smoking there is also another element and that is the psychological element. It’s hard to kick smoking because it is a habit. We become used to lighting up at certain times such as after a meal; we turn to cigarettes when we are stressed; or we take a smoke break when we need to escape the pressures of the day.
We also get used to how a cigarette feels in our hands and that can be a difficult cycle to break. This is where e-cigarettes can help, as you can still enjoy the pleasurable side of smoking, but without the downsides.


As stated earlier the main reason it is so difficult to quit smoking is the physical addiction to nicotine. As far back as the 1980s research showed that nicotine could be as hard an addiction to beat as heroin.
With a draw as strong as that it can therefore be very difficult to go ‘cold turkey’ and cut nicotine out completely immediately. E-cigarettes can be vaped with differing levels of nicotine and therefore it’s possible to cut down slowly, easing the withdrawal symptoms. Just as people wean themselves off cigarettes using nicotine patches, the same can be done with vaping.


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